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Patch 14.10 PBE Preview

The Mid-Season Update - Patch 14.10 - is less than one week away! Read on to get up to date on all the changes that are coming live next Wednesday, including a bundle of Faerie Court skins, Marksman itemization overhaul, expanded Champion Mastery, and more!

These changes appeared on PBE on the 30th of April, but have been slowly shifting over the past week, and will continue to do so. As such, keep in mind that not all of these changes may make it to the live patch. If you’d like to check any of the following changes out before next Wednesday, hop on PBE and queue up!

New Cosmetics - Faerie Court

A new bouquet of Faerie Court skins will be available in the shop starting from this Wednesday. You can acquire Faerie Court Lillia, Lux, Soraka, and Tristana for 1350 RP each. As usual, all four skins come with eight chroma options to match your favourite aesthetic.

Additionally, Season 14's first ranked season is coming to a close, and players who have been playing ranked diligently, and honourably, will be able to claim Victorious Kog'Maw as a reward. If you're Iron, Bronze, or Silver, you'll need 1000 Split Points, as well as at least Honour Level 2, to get this split's victorious skin. If you're Gold or higher, you only need 80 Split Points to unlock the skin.

In addition to getting the Kog'Maw skin, you'll also unlock several chromas in accordance with your highest ranking of the season. This means that if you've unlocked Gold, you'll get the gold Kog'Maw chroma even if you later demoted to Silver. You'll also get every Chroma below your highest rating, which means that a Gold player will also receive the Bronze and Silver Kog'Maw chromas.

Champion Mastery Update

The long-teased changes to the mastery system are coming with Patch 14.10. With the current system, you accumulate mastery points on each individual champion, eventually getting mastery level 5. After that, you can upgrade to mastery level 6, and then later mastery level 7 - the highest mastery - by achieving high grades in your matches and spending blue essence in the loot tab.

Now, when viewing any individual tab, in addition to their ability overview and skin panel, you can access the new Mastery tab. The Mastery tab shows you your current mastery level with any given champion, and displays a bar at the bottom representing different milestones you can complete. There are four unique milestones, and then a bonus, infinitely repeating milestone which you can keep grinding for higher and higher mastery levels.

The new Mastery Tab in the PBE client

Milestones are as follow:

Milestone I

One B- grade or higher

Four C- grades or higher

Hextech Chest

One Mark of Mastery

Milestone II

One A- grade or higher

Four C- grades or higher

One Mark of Mastery

Milestone III

One S- grade or higher

Four C- grades or higher

Hextech Chest

Two Marks of Mastery

Milestone IV

One S- grade or higher

Four C- grades or higher

Two Marks of Mastery

Crest Highlighting

Bonus Milestone

Three S grades or higher

Seven C- grades or higher

One Mark of Mastery

Mastery levels are now uncapped. The Crests representing mastery levels 1-7 received a visual update, and new Crests to represent levels 8-10 have been added. Levels above 10 will appear as numerals on a plate over the level 10 Crest. In addition to the bragging rights and the Hextech Chests, you’ll also be able to unlock a unique profile title by way of the mastery system. Reaching Mastery Level 10 on a champion unlocks their title for you to use as your profile title - for example, a Miss Fortune name can use “The Bounty Hunter” as their title.

Mythic Shop Rotation

Prestige Porcelain Lissandra, Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune, Prestige PROJECT: Sylas, and Prestige Coven Zyra are leaving the Mythic Shop this Wednesday. If you want to get any of these skins, do so before the PBE patch hits the live servers or you'll have to wait a few months for their return.

Entering the Mythic Shop until Patch 14.12 are: Prestige Arcade Caitlyn, Prestige Nightbringer Kayn, Prestige Fuzz Fizz, and Prestige Ascended Pantheon.

New Ranked Split

Split 2 of the ranked season is kicking off next week, with a few shipped changes. The maximum possible rank after provisionals is now Diamond III instead of Emerald I. Additionally, Duos in Master are now re-enabled in most regions.

LP will now roll over upon demoting out of a division, so all LP gains and losses within divisions and between tiers are now entirely fluid. For example, if you lose at 10 LP and you lose 25 LP, you will now move to 85 LP in the division below. Demoting between tiers (such as between Silver and Bronze I) will still have protection, but with a slight adjustment. When you demote down a tier, you'll demote to either 25, 50, or 75 flat LP depending on your MMR.

Corki Gameplay Update

Corki is receiving a gameplay update on Wednesday. The biggest change is likely the total removal of the Package and the Special Delivery abilities. Instead, his second passive - Hextech Munitions - is going to be his sole passive from now on. Hextech Munitions now have the effect that Corki's basic attacks and Spellblades deal 15% bonus true damage. His other abilities are going largely unchanged, other than some changes to numbers or ratios. Overall, his AD ratios have been increased across the board and Corki will now benefit more from bonus AD.

Hextech Munitions

Corki's basic attacks and Spellblades now deal 15% bonus true damage.

changes: now deals true damage instead of a mixture of magic and physical damage.

Phosphorus Bomb

Corki fires a flash bomb at a target location, dealing magic damage to enemies in the area. This attack additionally reveals units in the area for a duration.

changes: now has a scaling cooldown, lower mana cost, lower base damage, higher AD and AP ratios.


Corki flies a short distance, dropping bombs that create a trail of fire that damages opponents who remain in it.

changes: now has a minimum dash range of 300, and a higher mana cost.

Gatling Gun

Corki's gatling gun rapidly fires in a cone in front of him, dealing damage and reducing enemy Armor and Magic Resist.

changes: now has a lower cooldown, higher mana cost, lower base damage, and lower AD ratio. now stacks up to 4 times instead of 8. now applies a stronger resistance reduction. finally, now deals only physical damage.

Missile Barrage

Corki fires a missile toward his target location that explodes on impact, dealing damage to enemies in an area. Corki stores missiles over time, up to a maximum. Every 3rd missile fired will be a Big One, dealing extra damage.

changes: recharge timer is now 20 seconds, mana cost is higher, maximum ammo is 4 instead of 7, and has a new effect: basic attacks refund 2-4 seconds of recharge time.

Champion Changes


Cho’Gath, K’Sante, Sett, Tryndamere, Viego

Cho'Gath will now be more effective against monsters as Vorpal Spikes (E) now has a monster damage cap of 200 instead of 60-140. Sett will also be more effective, with Facebreaker (E) now dealing 100 bonus damage to monsters. Finally, Viego's Blade of the Ruined King (Q) healing against minions has increased to 50% from just 10.

In the top lane, K'Sante's health and health regeneration growth has increased, while Footwork (E) has a stronger base shield. Also in the area, Tryndamere gets a buff to Battle Fury (passive), with Fury granting even more critical strike chance now.


Skarner, Yasuo, Yone

Riot is still looking for that sweet spot when it comes to the newly reworked Skarner. In patch 14.10, Shattered Earth (Q) will have a lower mana cost, but a lower health ratio. Additionally, the Q's monster damage cap will be reduced, while structure damage will be increased. Ixtal's Impact (E) also has a lower Health ratio, and Impale (R) now has a shorter cast time.

Yone and Yasuo are getting comparatively smaller changes. Way of the Wanderer (Passive)'s critical strike chance modifier has been reduced, but the bonus attack damage per excess critical strike chance has been reduced for Yasuo. For Yone, the same changes have been applied to Way of the Hunter (Passive).

Item and Rune Changes

This patch preview is only scratching the surface when it comes to all of the changes incoming with the Mid Scope Update. In addition to changes coming to individual champions, the Corki gameplay update, the Mastery System overhaul, and the new ranked split, we have a deluge of item and rune changes. We'll cover both in their own thorough articles, but in a nutshell…

Nearly every Marksman item has gotten changes - from stats, to prices, to recipes. Several items have been completely removed, including: Anathema's Chains, Corrupting Potion, Kircheis Shard, Mobility Boots, Navori Quickblades, and Stormrazor. Two familiar items - with a couple of changes - are making a return; Zephyr, and Blackfire Torch. And, finally, six totally new items are being added.

Blackfire Torch


90 Ability Power / 25 Ability Haste / 600 Mana

Unique Passive - Baleful Blaze: Ability damage causes enemies to burn, dealing 20 (+ 4% AP) magic damage per second for 3 seconds. This damage is increased「 to 40 (+ 4% AP) magic damage per second 」against monsters.

Unique Passive - Blackfire: For each champion, epic monster, and large monster affected by Baleful Blaze, gain 4% AP.



45% Attack Speed / 45 Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Like The Wind: Basic attacks on-hit grant a stack of Like The Wind for 6 seconds, refreshing on subsequent attacks. For each stack, gain 5% bonus movement speed, stacking up to 3 times for a total of 15%.

Similarly, the following runes have been removed: Future's Market, Ingenious Hunter, Legend: Tenacity, Lethal Tempo, Minion Dematerializer, Overheal, and Predator. Many others are keeping their name and appearance, but getting totally new effects. More on the many item changes in our respective All Item Changes and All Rune Changes articles, which you can access by clicking below!

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