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I Bombed A Kid Today

i decided to get on and play a game alongside a friend that mains pantheon, The only character i play at this point is teemo, Why? Idk, Maybe because hes such a lovable stupid looking thing.

Regardless i fought my hardest and around the 40 minute mark i made the enemy jungler leave due to bombing him, I'd love for you all to see this so i'm going to link the video under this.

Thank you <3

RP Code Giveaway

Hi everyone, I got a 10 usd RP code from Mobafire, but I don't need it myself, so I am going to give it away. To participate, comment to this post with a champion that is missing a good guide in your opinion, I will pick the winner randomly and make a guide of one of the suggested champions. I will give the code away soon.


How to have fun in league again (real)

Hello mobafire!

Its been a while since I posted on this account. My jg phase is over (lmao) and I play a lot of support now. Recently (last night) I tried a new champ for the first time. after watching the 3min guide, I was confident that I would enjoy the champ. and sure enough, she was a perfect fit, and I got an S+ the second game I played. The adrenaline and hype from all my plays and my friends is a feeling that makes you coming back to this dog**** *** game. Honestly this game changed my life. I made so many friendships, dragged innocent lives into the game, (17 and still counting) and just made so many memories through League. and to any devs reading this dumb blog, please don't let tencent kill league. there is a reason this is the most played game in the world. pick up new champs and play with friends.

Dont be toxic,

My new guide!

Hello everyone!

Although I know that no one is watching blogs, but I decided to create 1 of them anyway and share some information about my the new best guide, which will be even better than the guide on Naafiri!

I'll start with the fact that he will be on Wukong. Surprisingly, in 4 years of playing in the League, I played literally a couple of times on

MiximumDennis Miximum Dennis MixD guide to win in...

Hello. I am MixD aka MiximumDennis and I went on my smurf account and i want to teach and coach players there individual. I never hard stomp so I don't ruin games so don't think otherwise in your hate if you have one. More than 300 games in iron which is where most of the users of this sub probably are. Here are some advices that every player struggling to climb needs to do in not particular order of importance:

Gank and roam to top. This is very important. Be practive. Doesn't matter if it's tank or not. Doesn't matter if your toplaner died. Just gank them. It will make them feel better. Work on getting the shutdown when appropriate. Especially if it's Yorick, Kayle or Illaoi matchup, and absolutely Vayne matchup so better learn towerdiving techniques and champion just for that. The reason being if they get hullbreaker and stuff they can reac…

About Me

Hello, Summoners! I'm AbstrakT. I am fairly new to the game, having played for a little over three weeks now. I love playing League of Legends, the characters and the lore being what got me interested to try the game itself. I am an Ahri, Soraka and Kalista main, but I'm still trying out new champions everyday. Hit me up if you want to chat! My discord ID is "absstrakt.", or feel free to PM me here, on MobaFire. I can't wait to meet you all. 'Till next time.


6 days 52 games

The stats:
CS 196.1 (6.4)
1.47:1 KDA
4.7 / 6.1 / 4.3
52 Played
Well I'm bad af but I need to say that I became more comfortable in diving and not dying.
I don't feel anything like literally nothing rn I'm on a massive win streak (7) and I don't feel anything but when I lose 2/3 in a row I want to kms , maybe its because of my gains +15 and losses -31.
Well I'm Silver 3 now and thats massive for me like actually huge so I'm happy for being Silver 3 with my mmr after being hardstuck silver 4 for more than 50 games.
Cya soon.

5 days in 46 games

The stats:
CS 200.5 (6.5)
1.41:1 KDA
4.8 / 6.5 / 4.3
46 Played
today was such a bad day, I inted like a ****ing pig and lost accordingly , I had a sump that was just trolling (0 vision score in 30 min), well my Jung just a ****ing disgusting kia player.
And I didn't snowball enough my lane I guess I was only 4/0 at that time my botlane was already 1/13 together so I couldn't carry.
Then I tried towerdiving w/o enough hp and well lost , I tilted and qd up again and lost the last game someone took renekton so I took teem but there was kennel top and renekton mid.
I cab like I never wanted to quit so much I created a new league account but now I'm fine and chill so I'm not gonna continue with it.
my cs got better.
I just want gold.

Explorando el placer de los juegos de palabras: 4...

Los juegos de palabras han sido durante mucho tiempo un pasatiempo popular que ofrece una combinación única de estimulación mental, expansión del vocabulario y entretenimiento. En la era digital, varios juegos de palabras han conquistado los corazones de jugadores de todo el mundo. Entre estos, "4 Fotos 1 Palabra", "Wordscapes" y "Words With Friends" se destacan como tres destacados contendientes que han redefinido el género de los juegos de palabras. Echemos un vistazo más de cerca a cada uno de estos juegos y exploremos qué los hace tan atractivos y amados.

4 Fotos 1 Palabra: Un giro pictórico en adivinar palabras
"4 Fotos 1 Palabra", también conocido como "", agrega un giro cautivador a los juegos de palabras tradicionales. En lugar de proporcionar letras, a los jugadores se les presentan cuatro imágenes que comparten un tema común. El desafío radica en descifrar la palabra oculta que conecta estas imágenes. Este enfoque único de los juegos d…

39 games in.............

I want to kms its just depressing my mmr is doomed -31 +15
My mental is bad I don't believe and lose I tilt easily and other things.
Stas atm:
CS 197.9 (6.3)
1.4:1 KDA
4.6 / 6.6 / 4.6
39 Played
For now I just activated party chat only so I cannot see people typing it helps to concentrate and not tilt that easily.
It's like today the day went bad af like the wr is meh 5 wins to 4 losses, but its the first time that I'm so energy drained after playing lol.
My Elo: bronze 1 98 lp

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