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Rengar Build Guide by Dekar173



Updated on February 8, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dekar173 Build Guide By Dekar173 1225 61 1,037,897 Views 11 Comments
1225 61 1,037,897 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dekar173 Rengar Build Guide By Dekar173 Updated on February 8, 2024
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Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide


By Dekar173
W Max
What's up MOBAFIRE I'm Dekar173, aka Best Rengar NA pretty much since this champion has existed. I have over 100 mastery points on the champ (idk the actual number, too many different accounts) and am the guy who's discovered every exploit, tool, and build this champ has ever been known for.

DON'T FORGET in conjunction with this guide to download U DOT G G using my link, and if you're trying to STOMP some noobs don't forget to get an account at TURBOSMURFS DOT GG USING CODE DKR15 for 15% off on all your purchases!

I love Rengar. I love his aesthetic, I love his voicelines, I love one-shotting crybaby ADC mains, I love one-shotting their loser over-attached mother supports, I love having dozens of different builds work for me in any situation, and as of 11.23, I love the fact he never gets banned 😂

If you'd like to learn how to play this champ, or even just what to do vs him to counter him, this is the place to be 😏 And if you want to watch me in action, check out my stream!
W > E Max

Teleport + Flash is standard for top lane, due to the nature of the lane, and the importance of XP + map movement.

TP Synergizes with Rengar kit twice over ( Thrill of the Hunt + Teleport for camo TP, and teleport from brush for 1 free jump) but is less effective on him over-all than a Malphite or Ornn due to his kit in general. He is a frontline, yes, but he is not a 'Center' or primary engage tool.

Regardless, If you are newer to top lane, this is the combo that will be least punishing if you die levels 1-3, for example (enemy doesn't have enough waveclear to get a perfect shove, and once you respawn you're back to lane in 5 seconds).

Flash is obviously great for chasing, especially since we have no dashes/blinks meaning if someone goes over a wall, we can't really chase.

In general if your opponent has a really important "land this skill to win fights" save Flash to dodge it (Malphite) otherwise use it for chase on priority targets.

Ignite + Flash is a bit more offensive, prioritizing the survival and offensive capabilities of Flash combined with Ignite for finishing those kills.

Current meta, 11.22, imo it's the weakest of the combos.

Without Teleport to save you from losing GIGA xp on cheese ganks/flubs in duels, you're kind of screwed in a very FEAST OR FAMINE scenario, and top lane is supposed*** to be played the most reserved of all the lanes. Boring af, but we play for elo...

Ignite + Teleport is the best current combination of spells for top laners- Ignite for kill + turn potential (ESPECIALLY the lower the elo) and Teleport for tempo/playmaking crossmap.

If you want to play meta (solo queue) as Rengar top, this is the pickup.

A standard level 1 play that MIGHT look like an int, but will actually completely win you the lane, is taking a huge terrible trade into Ignite + Flash (or just 0 Teleport players in general) and abusing the second health bar for lane control and freezes.

Remember for top lane, the biggest strength you can have is HP advantage and XP advantage, gold spent is meaningless if you're 1-2 levels behind.

For those of you who just watched Arcane and are new to the game- welcome! BUT, if you're going to jungle, always take Smite, and always buy the little "Emberknife" item -- it gives you a lot of damage and free HP while killing the monsters in the jungle!

For those of you who AREN'T new, remember to take whatever second summoner you think is best for the scenario, herbivore enemy JG? Ignite will help invade them. Giga duelist/end-game AoE? Exhaust. Gank spammer? Teleport is solid.

Or if you just prefer to play standard, Flash is never bad.

For those of you spamming JG, I've got some in-depth early clear explanations and demonstrations on Youtube! [LINK]

Just remember, what summoners you take is FAR less important than fluidity in clears and optimization on your kiting + pathing.

Anything and everything can be 'abused' into certain match-ups, don't be afraid to experiment into certain champs like Kennen or Nocturne (ALL IN CHAMPS) with something like Exhaust, or even taking Barrier + Heal with tank runes + items and just being a frontline menace.

Just because I don't list a build or rune combo doesn't mean it's 'incorrect' to use. That's the beauty of such a deep and richly complex game as League of Legends, different things work for different players and styles!


SPLIT is a niche or playstyle that is implied by the name; you want to be SPLIT pushing, creating pressure elsewhere, usually because of one or all of these reasons:

Their teamfight is very good
YOU personally are unstoppable on the split push
Enemy top laner is more important in fights than you are
Hail Mary prayer play to create pressure, and get enemy to mess up 🙏

Item importance will be dictated by economy-

MID ECONOMY: Youmuu's Ghostblade + Boots > Divine Sunderer > Zeal > Hullbreaker ( Hullbreaker + Divine Sunderer is BETTER if you're pulling 2-3 man ganks during split push, making it interchangeable with the Youmuu's).

HIGH ECONOMY: Divine Sunderer + Boots > Youmuu's Ghostblade > Hullbreaker > Zeal items

Edge of Night is a great last item almost always in current meta, Guardian Angel doesn't help splitting much since you only want to use it for teamfights, but if your job switches from SPLIT to TEAMFIGHT ( Elder Dragon or Baron would be good examples to fight for) Guardian Angel can be a good pick-up.

Notes: Hullbreaker doesn't work when allies are near, so always ping it and it'll tell them to FU**%^CK OFF.

Hullbreaker is REALLY GOOD vs certain champs who lack waveclear, since it buffs the tank and makes it nearly unkillable.

Always be sure to pay attention to your Divine Sunderer procs so you can siege turrets most effectively (DONE)

Q midair for extra damage on tier 2 turrets (DONE)


The STASIS build/core items are generally used for frontlining in teamfights. Rengar doesn't have Malphite R, Amumu R, etc. so he needs to be soaking up important cooldowns while putting out damage during fights in order to be effective.

In fights, your priority will be Empowered Battle Roar to cleanse CC/heal as much as possible, and your normal W for big heals and damage. There's one primary question you should be asking yourself in mid-late game and that is:

What's my job in fights?
PEEL strong carries. Is Aphelios your win cond? Peel him.
DIVE strong backliners. Is enemy MF shredding your team 24/7? Zone her off so she doesn't get to fight properly.
WAVECLEAR between objectives to gain map control aka "Tempo"

Notes: At level 7, with Fiendish Codex + Dark Seal, your Empowered Battle Roar + regular Battle Roar will 1 shot the backline, letting you both harass and clear the wave asap to maintain lane control and pressure.

In teamfights, try to prioritize getting a full rotation off and placing yourself in a brush before your Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel is being used (stasis items). This way you've got a jump in order to gain yourself stacks and hopefully another rotation of abilities once you res/get out of stasis. (CLIP)


AS OF 11.23: Axiom Arc IS OVERLOADED!!! Abuse it! >:)

In the current meta this item set/niche isn't really going to be too effective on Rengar, Stopwatch, self peel ( Ezreal E, Talon R, Qiyana invis etc.) will just make them run away B U T

up against comps with 2-3 squishies ( Lux, Vex, Jhin, etc) it'll generally be pretty effective if you can get in and 1 shot in teamfights/before objectives, catch someone on the side lanes, or just in general they overstep.

What's my job with this build?
PICKS: use R to isolate and find out choice targets who are alone (usually supp trying to get vision, or ADC who got a camp/sidelane)
ONE SHOT PRIO TARGETS IN FIGHTS: If enemy Aphelios is strong af, and you're able to 1 shot him, that's almost always a good trade for a late game teamfight.

General rule of thumb if on the spreadsheet they have Edge of Night next to their name for 'item counters' you want to rush it, or get it second item. This is due to those self peel options being INSANELY op vs Rengar ult engages.

For others, for example a comp that only has maybe 1 of those listed, just rush the Youmuu's Ghostblade + Eclipse etc.

Note: ALWAYS check enemy inventory for their Crown of the Shattered Queen, Stopwatch, Zhonya's Hourglass, etc.


HP BRUISER, in the current meta probably the strongest combo of items that lets you do everything your team wants/ Rengar is capable of.

Great synergy with Grasp of the Undying rune set up, combines well with most/all of the other item sets. Best BASE item set to follow for Rengar top.

You'll still 1 shot squishies if they lack exhaust, or self peel, you'll survive enough to get multiple rotations of abilities off during teamfights, and you're capable of split-pushing vs most of the duelists in the game (never, ever Fiora Cancer Lowe champ).

Usually I prioritize this sort of build up against the heavy bruisers in top lane + reliable gankers like Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV.

Notes: Always pay attention to your grasp procs, Divine Sunderer, or for lower economy, Goredrinker rotations (and positioning to get bigger heals).

A Demolish proc will almost always give you a plate if you're sitting there AAing the turret, and the CD is about 2 1/2 waves so just be patient between tank waves and you can proc it almost on cooldown.

Anathema's Chains is useless vs true damage champs except for Camille (so you can chain CC her with team,) but INSANELY good vs mages like Cassiopeia, Teemo.


CRIT build is going to be the highest economy build out of them all. You'll have the highest DPS, best dueling (on your own terms) and highest carry potential.

Of course, it's also the hardest to pull off when you're not farming the best or accelerated by kills + turret plates etc. so it isn't recommended when you're 7cs/min, 0 kills at 12 minutes into the game.

Good build path is usually going to be Essence Reaver > Immortal Shieldbow (or Immortal Shieldbow first if enemy is a more difficult match-up) into Lord Dominik's Regards then situational, so Mortal Reminder vs giga sustain + squishier, or Infinity Edge if you need the damage spike.

Essence Reaver is great for all economy, Immortal Shieldbow is basically the only mythic I'd ever recommend ( Kraken Slayer is FUN though) and Lord Dominik's Regards is going to best 3rd item almost 100% of the time for pure dps. Mortal Reminder reminder is good for mobility + slightly cheaper for an item spike, and Infinity Edge is going to be best to round out the full build. If you're selling Boots, imo get Edge of Night, or Guardian Angel as your last item.
Summoner Spells


Battle Roar max is for lanes where we prioritize the short instant trades + disengage Empowered Battle Roar provides, as well as lanes where we want instant waveclear to create 'priority' in the top lane.

Very good vs: armor stackers ( Malphite), Bramble Vest, champs who lack waveclear ( Camille, Fiora, Vayne etc.)
or vs many champs who lack sustain where you can just Empowered Battle Roar + Battle Roar and heal all or most of their damage, and go back in for another rotation soon after.

Battle Roar max weaknesses: lower kill potential, and worse sieging when you DO get creeps under turret.

At level 1-6, Empowered Savagery is optimal waveclear

At level 7+ Empowered Battle Roar is optimal waveclear

For trades, generally Empowered Battle Roar is best to stay topped off + harass for free

All-ins, Empowered Savagery is obviously best if you have lethal.

Ganks, Empowered Bola Strike is best to chain CC and guarantee the kill.


Savagery Max is for lanes where you are generally dominating, or at least have kill potential vs your lane opponent in duels.

Savagery max strengths include the kill potential, better sieging (since Savagery is AA reset, ASPD Steroid, and gives stacks for more Empowered Savagery)

Savagery max weaknesses are generally vs tougher lanes or people who you struggle to get Savagery off on + abuse the ASPD steroid against.

Savagery max synergy: Conqueror, Hail of Blades

Notes: Remember scaling off Empowered Battle Roar is per level, not the points put into the skill. 4W is still great to use even if you're maxing Savagery first.

Same notes apply, except for ganks sometimes Empowered Savagery will be enough to simply 1 shot opponent if your jungler gets their damage off as well.

4 STACK PRIORITY RECEIVING GANK: Empowered Savagery > Empowered Battle Roar > Empowered Bola Strike, in most scenarios where YOU are receiving gank

4 STACK PRIORITY GETTING GANKED: Empowered Battle Roar > Empowered Bola Strike > Empowered Savagery, snare if it lets you separate the top + jungle, Empowered Battle Roar if they got on you and you need to cleanse, heal and AoE, Empowered Savagery if you're not going to escape at all and just want to chunk one of them (CHUNK TOP LANER 99% OF SCENARIOS, as jungler has enormous free sustain with smite + jg item).


Generally this skill order is reserved for someone like Jax, since you can really abuse his trade patterns in top lane with Battle Roar max and an extra point or two into Bola Strike lets you escape any aggression he might throw at you. We don't fully max the Bola Strike as the slow gets diminishing returns at higher levels and doesn't help with stacks since the CD never goes down.


This page is generally for 1 shot Rengar, where you prioritize the Bola Strike for slows over the Battle Roar since you are going for all-ins off ult rotations/them getting near brush (Prayge)

Damage between Battle Roar max vs Bola Strike max is pretty similar, BUT Battle Roar gives a larger slow allowing you to stick on the target far longer and get more AAs in.

Synergy with: Hail of Blades, Conqueror, Fleet Footwork vs mages


This is the standard Conqueror page, and imo the most reliable set up for learning Rengar.

Conqueror is generally MID-HIGH economy with itemization, in order to get the most out of your set up you need to be farming well, and getting competitive amounts of XP.


Precision Tree -- which lets you use Legend: Alacrity (fluidity of AAs + combos) Triumph (AMAZING for turning close fights) and either Coup de Grace, or Last Stand, which are rather interchangeable imo but based on playstyle, and enemy champs in current meta I'd say Last Stand is superior most of the time.

Ease of use -- Conqueror is very easy to use. You hit them with abilities and item effects, and you get stacks. Simple! At 12 stacks you have lifesteal and hit like a truck.

Duel capability -- compared to other pages such as Grasp of the Undying or Fleet Footwork, Conqueror blows them out of the water in a full all-in scenario.

Imo, the lower the elo, the better this page becomes. Enemy players won't be able to identify scenarios where you have 1 shot potential, and ganks oftentimes (especially plat and below) will end up with the jungler handing you a double buff, Triumph proc, full conq stacks and sometimes a quick level up. Double Kill >:)


Bad stick potential -- since you're Rengar you really just have brush or ultimate for gap closers, so if someone has a stun or other reliable disengage + Kite, they'll end up living.

Very linear -- and doesn't combo with Rengar's 'optimal' trade pattern of 4WW, walk away, re-engage (or reset).

Feast or Famine -- In lanes where you already lose 1v1, you will lose even harder due to lack of mix-ups in playstyle or build diversity.

Over-all, Conqueror is still fantastic for just about any lane, and going to be the most reliable for learning Rengar Top for anyone starting out on him up there.


Grasp of the Undying is going to be the standard RELIABLE page, for any economy (gold/xp per min) vs any composition. As long as you understand how to properly time grasp procs during all-ins, kite using it, abuse 4WW for max heals + dps, it's VERY good for laning phase.

In general, if you expect to be camped or they have 3-4x Divers ( Diana, Xin Zhao, Fiora, Camille, etc.)
Grasp of the Undying will be very strong BECAUSE you will be spamming Battle Roar and Empowered Battle Roar, you will want the extra sustain from green tree, and you will be itemizing in general for stasis, since it counters their entire comp at that point.


Lane Dominance -- Melees who can proc
Grasp of the Undying reliably are already very, VERY oppressive in a lot of lanes, and Rengar is no exception. His Empowered Battle Roar + Battle Roar short trades are unbeatable in certain match-ups ( Jax, Wukong)

Flexibility -- Whether you go Battle Roar max, Savagery max, or a combo of the 2 with Fiendish Codex, D Seal, etc. or just straight up AD, or even HP Bruiser,
Grasp of the Undying synergizes with them very well. It's NOT the best for 1 shot, or HIGH ECON HP Bruiser, but it's always at the very least decent.

Teamfighting -- Stasis is one of the strongest tools in all of League, and its big strength is in teamfights, pulling resources and baiting cooldowns, ESPECIALLY if you've got double stasis, or your Empowered Battle Roar set up after Zhonya's Hourglass or Stopwatch wears off. It's HUGE in teamfights.

Reiterate, ECONOMY -- Sometimes the game simply does not go your way. You INT, you lag out, you're afk taking a Fat ****he for first 3 minutes, who knows. REGARDLESS, if you max Battle Roar, rush Zhonya's Hourglass + Guardian Angel, and just frontline, you'll always be useful in fights, but also as someone cleaning up sidelanes and gaining wave control.


All-ins and One Shots -- Grasp of the Undying is going to be a short trades rune, as opposed to having the kill/duel potential of something like Conqueror. Knowing this, remember if your lane opponent DOES have Conqueror, to kite them and avoid letting them stack it up (and when it IS stacked, reset for a few seconds and then go for next rotation).

High Economy -- If you have Grasp of the Undying compared to Hail of Blades, your 1 shots aren't as strong. Compared to Conqueror, your duels and split pushing will be weaker. Compared to Fleet Footwork, your stick onto mages and kiting will be weaker. In exchange for the most reliable rune page, you're giving up more synergy with certain item sets and playstyles.

Difficulty of Use -- Using Grasp of the Undying **optimally** isn't the easiest thing to do. In fights you need to proc Grasp of the Undying as often as possible, when taking turrets or poking you need to AVOID tunneling for Demolish procs etc. and these are habits that can be really difficult to avoid in a game like League where you're constantly wanting to take as many advantages away from your opponent as possible.

Clip: optimal grasp timing


Hail of Blades is going to be your standard Lethality/1 Shot rune page. Vs lots of squishies, or 2-3 priority targets who don't have insta-peel ( Zhonya's Hourglass Abusers, Lulu, Gragas E, etc. things of that nature) then Hail of Blades is a strong choice that game in mid-late game.

For lane phase, it's generally outmatched by other runes since it doesn't provide sustain, and many of the meta champs in top lane counter assassins, as well as vs Rengar just about everyone takes bone-plating which counters Hail of Blades HARD.

It makes up for this weakness by being very good at 1 shotting the priority targets, and if you DO happen to snowball or have a good match-up, it's very very abusive.


High Economy -- Hail of Blades is the best rune for 1 shotting on Rengar, giving the highest amount of dps available in runes/keystones.

Carry Potential/Snowballing -- This strength goes hand in hand with High Econ, but just as a sidenote for many if you duo and have a jungle friend who can play around you, ( Ivern,,,,, Kreygasm) snowballing through top is incredibly easy with this rune page.


Feast or Famine -- Similar to Conqueror but EVEN WORSE, if they have self peel, the quick shields or even just boneplating, it's much more difficult to abuse them. You'll have to finesse multiple trades or get jg visits 1-2x vs most of the meta match-ups. For this reason I wouldn't particularly recommend HoB except for a minority of your games.

HIGH ECONOMY -- hand in hand with feast or famine, Hail of Blades is ONLY high economy. If you get camped? Misplay? You're absolutely screwed. Even just accidentally taking this rune page vs difficult match-ups will leave you in a Pit Of Despair,,,,

Clip: HoB free auto on leap, how to combo with it


11.23 gave a HUGE BUFF to Lethal Tempo, so it's the new go-to rune page for mid-high economy.

Level 1 or level 2 you have enormous kill potential, and they can't really kite out of it without flashing due to the new +50 range buff at max stacks!


Precision Tree -- which lets you use Legend: Bloodline (with LT we get to use Legend: Bloodline, as alacrity isn't too necessary) Triumph (AMAZING for turning close fights) and either Coup de Grace, or Last Stand, which are rather interchangeable imo but based on playstyle, and enemy champs in current meta I'd say Last Stand is superior most of the time.

Dueling -- There is absolutely no better rune rn for dueling, teamfighting, etc. so really it's no contest. This is due to how good it is in general, but also due to Rengar ability to stack it quickly and abuse it hard with his Savagery and Empowered Savagery attack speed steroids/auto cancels.

Teamfighting -- In combination with the Turbo Chemtank + Titanic Hydra build, you'll find yourself completely dumpstering just about any teamfight due to how tanky you are but also how much sheer dps you put out. Abuse it!


Need to stack -- If you don't get to AA, you don't get stacks. Similar to Conqueror.

Stasis -- You lose your stacks with Stasis, which is counterintuitive/productive slightly similar to Sterak's Gage, or the new Crown of the Shattered Queen mythic (AP item, but your Battle Roar is a heal and that's the MAIN purpose of it, so you don't really get to use any of that when you have Ali ult do you?)

Probably getting nerfed VERY soon -- it's overloaded af. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't nerf it but it IS Riot.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dekar173
Dekar173 Rengar Guide
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