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TFT Revival Set 3.5: Return to the Stars Strategy Portal

Learn all about TFT Revival Set 3.5 strategy with MOBAFire's tools and resources. Our guide to Teamfight Tactics by Sovereign Kitten will help get you started with the new set if you're a beginner TFT or just want to learn the new set mechanics. Use our TFT cheat sheets for a handy in-game reference. Find what team comps are best in the current meta, or make your own team comp!

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Learning a new game can be intimidating, especially a game like Teamfight Tactics that changes every time you play it! The MOBAFire community is here to guide you through the ins and outs of Teamfight Tactics strategy. If you want to start with the very basics read the beginner's Teamfight Tactics Guide. Keep up to date with the best TFT team comps by checking out our team comps tier list, and see what team comps other MOBAFire members are using in their games. TFT is ever evolving, and whenever a new set comes out the champions and items will change. This means you should be sure you're up to date on the current TFT Revival Set's champion synergies and item combinations with our Item Cheat Sheet and Champion Cheat Sheet.

Teamfight Tactics Revival Set 3.5 - Return to the Stars

We're always updating our resources for the latest patch and set. You can find Revival Set 3.5 Team Comps, Revival Set 3.5 Items, and Revival Set 3.5 Champions all on MOBAFire! We're also hosting Riot's official TFT cheat sheet for easy reference.

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