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Patch 14.10 - All Rune Changes

Outlined below, we have a list of every single rune change that's coming in Patch 14.10 - tomorrow! Read on to learn everything you need to know before you hop into that first champion select!

NEW Runes

Absorb Life


Slot 1 - Replaces Overheal

Passive: Killing a unit heals you for 2 − 17 (based on level).

Legend: Haste


Slot 2 - Replaces Legend: Tenacity

Passive: Gain Cooldown reduction icon 1.5 basic ability haste per Legend stack, up to 15 at maximum stacks.

Legend: Gain Legend stacks for every 100 points earned, up to 10:

  • 100 points for champion takedowns

  • 100 points for epic monster takedowns

  • 25 points for large monster kills

  • 4 points for minion kills

Cash Back


Slot 1 - Replaces Future Market

Passive: You are automatically refunded 6% of any Legendary-tier item's total gold cost upon purchasing it.

Jack of All Trades


Slot 3

Passive: Earn 1 Jack stack for each unique stat type gained from items, stacking indefinitely.

Jack: For each Jack stack, gain 1 ability haste. At 5 Jack stacks, permanently gain 10 adaptive force. At 10 Jack stacks, permanently gain an additional 15 adaptive force, for a total of 25 adaptive force at 10 Jack stacks.

Major Rune Changes

Cut Down


Slot 3

NEW EFFECT Passive: Deal 8% increased damage (except true damage) to champions above 60% maximum health.

Press The Attack



Base damage has been lowered to 40-160 (based on level) from 40-180. The cooldown has changed to per-target, though it remains 6 seconds long.

NEW EFFECT Passive: Upon consuming Press the Attack stacks on a champion, increase your damage dealt (except true damage) to champions by 8% for 5 seconds, refreshing upon dealing or taking damage from champions (5 second cooldown, starts 5 seconds after exiting combat with champions).

Sudden Impact


Slot 1

Cooldown is now 10 seconds, up from 4.

NEW EFFECT Passive: Dealing damage to enemy Champion within 4 seconds of using a Dash dash or Flash blink, or exiting from Guerrilla Warfare stealth, deals 20 − 80 (based on level) bonus true damage.

Time Warp Tonic


Slot 2 - Moved from Slot 3

NEW EFFECT Upon consuming a health potion, immediately gain an additional 40% of its total healing.

Font of Life


Slot 1

NEW EFFECT Slowing or Stun icon immobilizing an enemy champion heals you and your nearest most wounded ally for (Melee role 10 − 50 / Ranged role 7 − 35) (based on level) (20 second cooldown).

Requires a nearby ally.

Minor Rune Changes


First Strike - Bonus Damage has been increased to 8% (from 7%) and the base gold received is now 15, up for 5. However, gold received based on all bonus damage dealt has been lowered to 50% for melee champions and 35% for ranged (down from 100% / 70%)

Triple Tonic  - Moved from Slot 1 to Slot 2.

Fleet Footwork - Base heal has been reduced to 8 - 110 (based on level) from 10 - 130. Bonus movement speed duration is now 1.25 seconds instead of 1.

Hail of Blades - The bonus Attack Speed granted to ranged champions has been lowered to 80% from 110%.

Relentless Hunter - No longer grants any base bonus movement speed.

Removed Runes

  • Future's Market (Slot 2 Inspiration rune)

  • Ingenious Hunter (Slot 3 Domination rune)

  • Legend: Tenacity (Slot 2 Precision rune)

  • Lethal Tempo (Precision Keystone)

  • Minion Dematerializer (Slot 2 Inspiration rune)

  • Overheal (Slot 1 Precision rune)

  • Predator (Domination Keystone)

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