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Singed Build Guide by Deru

Middle [13.8] Deru's Singed mid guide

Middle [13.8] Deru's Singed mid guide

Updated on April 29, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deru Build Guide By Deru 13,007 Views 0 Comments
13,007 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Deru Singed Build Guide By Deru Updated on April 29, 2023
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Runes: Pred

1 2
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.8] Deru's Singed mid guide

By Deru
Hello and welcome to my guide of Singed mid. My nickname is Deru and i am a GM singed mid otp in the west, even though i can play him in the toplane too. I have decided to create a guide for my champ to help out all the other fellow Singed otps in the world to properly play and build him.
Why Singed mid?
Singed has always been a toplaner and his kit and identity both suggest that role to play him in. However, due to the sinergy with , back in season 9 i decided to play him in mid because i was genuinely tired of not being able to carry most of my games from toplane. In season 12 the sinergy was incredibly strong and Singed mid reached 65%+ wr in master+ . I didn't peak GM during this time though as i reached the tier after pred got heavily nerfed so i am safe to be called a good Singed mid understander.
Singed mechanics
I know what you are thinking. mechanics? WTF.

Yes, they do exist. Singed seems a braindead champion on paper (and he is) but practically playing Singed at its best potential is really hard. We could say that the champion mastery rate is an exponential curve because a new Singed player would int and position badly often resulting him in losing a lot, but an experienced Singed player can singlehandedly change games' tides by exploiting the strong kit Singed has.


What i personally call the "Goo flip" is the most important mechanic to master on Singed: you basically have to put your W in a spot (usually close to your turret) then buffer (spamming your ability making it cast slightly faster than a normal cast) your E and flash to flip the enemy into your W under turret. This is done when no enemy minions (or close to none) are under your turret so that once the opponent lands on your W, he gets stunned and istantly gets focused by your turret which, due to the recent durability patch, deal a lot of damage. This mechanic is especially useful against hard ranged matchups resulting in you getting an easy kill early on.


This is a much easier to finalize mechanic: you basically buffer your autoattack command while flinging with E your opponent. You can do this by either phisically using your left mouse click on the ground while you flip the enemy or, much more practically, using your attack move command (i personally set it to A) on the ground while flinging the enemy. This mechanic allows for better trades in lanes and generally lets you deal more damage in different scenarios of the game.
I leave here a video of Rudy explaining it:
Positioning & spacing
Positioning as a Singed player should be your top priority when understanding how you should play this champion. The skill cieling of Singed is pretty high given the fact that the INSANE mechanics you can show off with him aren't the main factor differentiating a good Singed from a bad one.

The key is, indeed, positioning and spacing. How you move Singed is tremendously important because it can completely change how teamfights and 1v1s are played resulting in being suboptimal.

How do you improve these two skills? Practice. By playing lots of games of Singed you will understand what you can do and what you cannot do in terms of limits and general movement in the map. Generally speaking you never want to stick too much on enemy champions when fighting: remember that Singed's poison is put on the map in a specific area (you will learn to understand its range the more you play) for 3.25 seconds and the duration of the dot damage resets every 0.5 seconds. This means that you don't need to stay always on top of your enemy to deal damage to him: what you can do, and its pretty effective, is applying poison on the enemy target and doing 1 or 2 auto attacks meanwhile you deal damage with poison (if you run conqueror you need to auto attack a lot since conqueror is not coded well for dot damage) and then leave momentarily the fight so that the enemy can try to chase you to which you can respond by either leaving your on your feet or using to fling them away from you, while still applying poison damage.
Flip priority
Let's discuss a niche concept that i have only seen taken seriously by myself, the "flip priority".

Let's start assigning some values to create a chart:

0 = Almost no prio. Never flip unless it's free or in 1v1s.
1 = Low prio: you shouldn't flip these targets in a teamfight.
2 = Mid prio: you should aim to flip these targets.
3 = High prio: always try to flip these champions.

These values help us understand which targets we want to flip into our team and separate them to the champions we always try not to. Whenever you are into the loading screen of a game you have to study the enemy team comp: if it has champions like or , so in general picks that like being "brought" to your team, their flip priority is 0. Low prio is for generally tanky champions or supports which you should avoid when trying to turn the tides of a teamfight. Mid prio is for champions that can be flipped into your team, but have abilities that make you unable to do so or completely counters the . Finally, champions like , and all the adcs (except ) have 3, the highest prio, since if you flip them they have no way of getting out unless flashing resulting in a free kill with team follow up.

To remove all the doubts you might have, here is the tier list:
Game plan
As Singed mid, you are a very flexible character prone to play a lot with your jungler and roam around the map to get a lead early on and allowing your teammates to reach spikes quicker. Since you are not a carry mage or an assassin (like or ) you need to understand that you rely a lot in your teammates, especially in your jungler. This, given you play predator Singed mid. If you choose conqueror with flash ignite you become a pick more like a , a bruiser who can get a lead and snowball from it but also able to roam and move around the map.


As a general rule, always shove your wave before committing to a roam. You do this in order to get the maximum amount of experience before roaming so that, if the roam doesn't go through at least you got all the experience available from the wave so you do not lose levels as the time goes forward. Now that we cleared this general point, we need to analyze our opposing laner. If he's not in lane he's either waiting in a bush or roaming, so we need to match his presence on the map as Singed mid: we shove the wave and roam to the lane we think our midlaner is going OR where the jungler is pathing (remember to always prioritize playing with your jungler).


Your time to shine. Singed mid is extremely strong in this phase of the game: you have to abuse your high mobility to get either botlane or toplane ahead, while always keeping an eye to help your jungler out in potential invades or 2v2 situations. In early game you should choose a lane and focus doing multiple invades on the same lane and avoiding lanes who are already behind since roaming to a heavy losing lane will result in harder fights even with your presence advantage. If you didn't start off with a dark seal, always look forward buying one, at first back after a succesful roam, for example.


In this phase of the game you are really strong still but you need to play more wisely. Focus objectives control by providing vision in the river and always be prone to side lane catches since with pred you can engage very quickly with the pred rune. The mid game is also the point of the game where you have to keep a good mental, because wheter you are winning or losing actions in the map now become heavily punished if missplayed. Keep a good mental and always ask questions to yourself: is this the correct play? Will this result in a good outcome? etc...


The late game can be a recurring presence in lower elos since players there are not able to end games quickly. If you reach this phase always be aware that you play a pick engage champion: you do a pick on the enemy comp to later translate that advantage in numbers into an objective such as a turret, a drake or nash. If you get a pick after 20/25 minutes always try to ping nash since abusing the number advantage to obtain the nash can help shorten the late game into getting a win. As Singed you should always try to push sides and then join the team to complete what we just explained.
Skins tier list
A mandatory part of the guide: SKINS TIER LIST
Last things
Now that you have acquired the needed knowledge to properly play Singed mid, i invite you to join me in my stream (at when i go live (very rarely since i do it for fun but i like having people watching me play). I hope you get really good at Singed and if you did thank to my guide it would be appreciated if you left a comment or an endorse.

I also suggest watching Sorya's streams at because he is a really good Singed mid player.

Have a great time playing Singed and making enemies mad!
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