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Wukong Build Guide by xTechikaze

Jungle Best Wukong guide early season 14

Jungle Best Wukong guide early season 14

Updated on February 10, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTechikaze Build Guide By xTechikaze 10 0 17,150 Views 2 Comments
10 0 17,150 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xTechikaze Wukong Build Guide By xTechikaze Updated on February 10, 2024
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Champion Build Guide

Best Wukong guide early season 14

By xTechikaze
Why I am choosing Wukong this season!
First off I am by no means a High Elo player. This guide is for fun and mainly for the low elo players that want a fun champ thats not banned everygame and is fun and strong to play. Wukong is a great champ with alot fo out play potential but you can also 0 braincell E W R auto auto auto to win a fight.

Hes bursty, He can build tanky, he has alot of options so you alos arent building the same 4 items every single game which to me makes life boring.

Here is what I am doing this season to hopefully get into platinum or emerald with my 3 games a night i get to play.
Early game Wukong is still strongong
Early on Wukong is not a for sure 1v1 win but you can fight most people and get away with it. Your ganks are good but not the best with no cc until 6. Pick you ganks wisely as they can put you far behind and make the game go late. but late game you will ruin their day. Low elo tends to already go long anyway so its not the worst thing but be prepared for the flaming after a bad gank. People already arent to sure about jungle Wukong.

I like to pick up Tiamat early on when possible. It will help you clear quickly and provides decent damage. cs is your friend in the early stages. get 6 as fast as you can and then start looking for people pushed half way up. only gank if shoved in before that.
Mid game and gank/obj
Mid game Wukong is where you will snowball. You will have good damage with items and major team fight gank advantage. Cs still but constantly be looking for the offensive. Depending on the opposing jungler start to steal camps and constesting scuttle. You will likely win and you can start to gain your lead.

If you are already a few kills deep from early on then start forcing fights. keep an eye on rotations from laners but you should stomp them in and make sure you do something with your lead. Communicate with your laners heavily with laners.
Falling behind
When falling behind in early game you will need to turtle up and do your best to get your team out of sticky situations with your R. Wukong will still be somewhat strong and be able to win certain match ups still as long as your have been farming well and not spending to much time in the grey screen. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE VISION! Vision is your key to coming back in this game. You have great bush ganks and your team will need to be there with you top help burst out the other player. Dont spend time chasing even though you will always feel like your W will catch you up.

When behind your E Q W R combo is not the way. It will not do enough damage to turn around fights when ytou are better off not chancing falling even farther behind. You will have way more options later on and when you are full build you will be tanky enough and with enough damage to really start to sway the team fights into your favor.

Sundered sky is a huge spike to your overall sustain in team fights so once you get that either second or third item you will be abhle to last much longer in fights but dont get to ahead of yourself and give away more gold, and importantly more time and objectives. You need to keep your death timers down.
Snowballing monkey
When you are snowballing early and you might have gotten your triforce a bit early i strongly recommend turbo ganking and invading the jungle. Go for a ravenous as quickly as possible and start stealing camps. you wil be hard for anyone to answer and will even further get yourself ahead. Objectives you will challenge everyone you can if this is the case whether teammates follow up or not. You do incredible damage and your escaping is very good so dont be afraid to attempt steals on drag or anything. oyu dont wanna lose the lead but if you are looking at only a 20 percent chance you will get it then just farm and steal their jungle.

Get your laners ahead with turbo ganks. You can double knock up which is massive especially in an early lead. Whoever team mate is doing well at this point in lane you need to help get even further ahead. even if its not your ADC and its your tank top make them huge. You cant waste your time when snowballing going to lanes that dont follow up on ganks or end up getting killed anyway. They are no longer a prio and you need to focus on
1. Objectives
2. Snowball your comptetent laner
3. stealing camps/ applying vision
4. Killing enemy jungler

Trust in your instincts and feel confident. you are alot stronger and quicker than alot of people tend to realise. You will sometimes need to realise it yourself.
Late game God
At this point in the game as long as your didnt feed hard or give up everything you will likely start to look into full build and start the arams every low elo does.

Do not fall for the ARAM trap. You can shove side lanes like a boss. E a minion for attack speed W for clone and Q away at the tower. you will take it down in no time flat and the enemy will likely not think much of the monkey in side lane at first since your ult is so good in team fights but they will realise after your second tower taken in 90 seconds. Not to mention your hydra will clear waves very quickly and your w Will allow you to just walk away. go clear their jungle and come back to shove lane again. Your team will likely ping you non stop since most low elo players think Araming to the end is always the way but usually one side or the other just ints the fight away instead of prio an objective whether baron or drag or towers.

IF you can get your team to understand stalling the fights and stoping their backs will give you the win then it will be easy. If they dont and keep losing stupid 4v5 that they likiely engaged on their own anyway then you will inevitably have to go help teamfight. Now heres the best part about it. Leave your shoved lane directly into popping the back line of the the teamfight likely blowing up their carry and winning yout the team fight while someone on their team is answering the shoved wave.
Like i said Wukong is a team fight powerhouse as well as a lane tyrant. Time your gank and ult along with them ansering your shove. You will have to practice it to make it right but once you figure it out you will end the game and give yourself boosted WR stats.
Team comps to run with
If you already have super tanky champs that might have some CC I would want to jungle with someone with more damage. Your comp should be AOE team fight based. Yasuo mainly cause of your knock up ult. Or heavy split push TOP set up. Do not tilt. I know this champ is not very popular right now so there will be times you will think maybe i should try somnething else more in the S tier but do not falter. Wukong is hidden op and a major carry champ if you play your early game right. You have many options for builds and plays so you can change things depending on their teams and your team. He is a very good otp pick right now. please look at his overall stats right now being number 8 in least played. But he still hase many cases and builds where we are seeing 60 percent or more win rates in plat and lower games.

Like i said i am not a high elo player. Some might say im hard stuck Gold but i have seen a huge win rate this season with Wukong and I have came within one game from plat 3 times now. Running this champ from Bronze 4 this season. Do your best and keep a cool head. You will be able to carry games with this champ and not have to worry about getting one shot most of the time with the exception of fizz and ekko right now.
Please share your experiencs with this champ or against this champ to help give me more insight as to what you think. I have played over 40 games so far and have not seen every matchup since you see the same 12 champs nearly every game in low elo.

I am not a super player but I have learned the basics and I play consistently. I dont hyper feed and I have carried my fair share of games so far. You are playing to get your team fed first and yourself fed second. Trust me when I say you will be happy with Wukong in this season whether its top or jungle.
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