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Singed Build Guide by Wounds2

Support [13.4] Spunom's Singed Support Guide

Support [13.4] Spunom's Singed Support Guide

Updated on October 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wounds2 Build Guide By Wounds2 14 0 20,653 Views 0 Comments
14 0 20,653 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wounds2 Singed Build Guide By Wounds2 Updated on October 9, 2023
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Glacial Augment
Hextech Flashtraption
Future's Market
Approach Velocity

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Kill Pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[13.4] Spunom's Singed Support Guide

By Wounds2
Hey everyone, it's Spunom aka Wounds. I'm a high elo support main who hit Challenger in Season 12 on the NA server. I haven't hit Challenger yet this season, but I plan on making a push for it primarily playing Singed. I love playing off-meta picks that work and found Singed to actually be pretty good, even at a high level. The champ is just too fun to play and no one is talking about his supporting potential, which inspired me to write a guide about it. If you end up learning something new from this guide, I would appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up!
Champion Identity
The value that Singed adds to a team as a support is very unique and flexible compared to the traditional engage or enchanter supports. He can provide great value in team comps that want to make picks, using W and E. In team comps that want to kite, he can provide great peel with Q + Rylai's and E. As long as your team has a primary engager, Singed also thrives in all in team comps because of how well he can follow up an engage on a high priority target by using his passive to close the gap, then using W and E. Builds, skill order, and runes all vary depending on what your role is for each game. Another thing to note is that Singed is very tilting to play against, and the more you tilt the enemy team, the more they will focus you and burn important cooldowns on you, which opens up opportunities for your team.
Mental Warfare
Mental warfare and mind games is a big part of League of Legends, and Singed is the champion that does it best. His whole kit is designed to frustrate his opponents, so you need to use that to your advantage. By spamming your laugh, emotes, mastery, and dance while the enemy is chasing you or can't move due to your W, you increase the effectiveness of your global taunt. You will find that enemies start wasting summs and ults just to kill you, which makes the game super free for your teammates. It is also super tilting to be gapped by a Singed support, and it is equally tilting if your teammate is gapped by Singed support.

By getting good at this aspect of play, you can increase your chances of winning more than you think.
Singed Support Misconceptions
A common misconception about Singed support is that his laning phase is weak and that his only good matchup is against Yuumi. Another thing that people get wrong about Singed is that he has low damage as support. Lastly, Singed's playstyle is very unique, so if people try him out, they do not play him correctly and do not understand what makes him work, then end up chalking him as a bad support. This guide will show the solutions to these problems and how to work around his weaknesses.
- Relatively strong level 1
- Great jungle setup
- Good at disrupting dives, invades, and rotations
- Soaks up a lot of damage for carries with ult
- Master baiter
- Flexible playstyle and builds
- Tilts enemies
- Hard to punish for warding alone
- Can proxy waves if your team is dead and the enemy team is pushing a tower
- Good roaming potential
- Good scaling and decent early game
- Always disrespected
- Singed's R allows him to skip a healcut item and suffer less when not buying items with resistances
- Struggles against high burst
- Struggles against long range engage
- Relies on teammates knowing your limits
- Properly using your passive relies on teammate positioning
- Ult reliant in teamfights
- Bad ability usage can lose games
- Your team hates you before the game even starts
When to Pick Singed
- Many dash reliant champions
- Your team has a primary engage
- Good lane matchup
- As a flex pick to get a counterpick for mid or top
- You have an aggressive adc and jungler
- The enemy team has low damage
- The enemy team has low range and can be kited easily with Rylai's
Ability Usage
Singed's kit is not very mechanically intensive, which means that you need to be smart about how you use them. Here are some tips that I have from playing Singed support:
- A terrible fling can lose the game. Be intentional about what direction they are getting flung in and make sure their abilities are on cooldown or they can't oneshot whoever you are flinging them into
- Using W poorly can lead to a teammate getting killed or an enemy escaping. Typically I like to use W where the enemy's escape route is. If the enemy is engaging on my teammate, I throw W at the enemy backline carries so they can't follow up on the engage
- Knowing when to use Q is also important to conserve mana and to zone the right places
- Managing the cooldown on his passive and not wasting the passive ticks could mean the difference between catching up to an opponent or them escaping
- If you ult too early, the enemy might disengage. If you ult too late, you just die. Save your ult for teamfights, and the powerspike you get for leveling ult at level 11 and 16 is a big deal. Also, your ult gives 40% grievous wounds, so don't buy a healcut item
Laning Phase Guide
Utilizing passive is crucial
- Use this to bait out abilities
- Passive + W + Approach Velocity is unplayable for many adc/supps. Approach velocity also works on exhaust. You can get up to 478 movement speed level 1 without boots using this trick.

Strongside - Your Jungler is Pathing Bot

- Ideally, look to trade after you have baited out abilities

- Versus engage, bait them to go in on you. When their cds are down, you have two options:
1. Fling support into adc and kill them. If the support hit you with their ability and burned aftershock already, you have the advantage. When you fling the support into your adc, their supp will only be in range to hit you. However, you have aftershock and their supp doesnt, so you win out. Additionally, you can survive easier than the enemy supp because you can use passive to run away easily or to confirm the kill, depending on how the trade goes.
2. Flash fling adc and focus adc. If they burn flash, it is fine because you have hexflash and they don't, meaning they have to respect your hexflash -> w -> fling engage or else they will have a hard time. If they dont burn flash, you most likely win since the enemy support will have no cooldowns and you usually outdamage enemy supp with poison. Additionally, you can apply the poison on both enemies so the trade should go well

- Versus ranged, keep using passive to fake pressure and bait out abilities. When a crucial peeling ability like Lux Q, Xerath E, or Annie passive is on cooldown, that is your window to fight.
1. Look to passive --> W --> E first
2. If you can't flash, flinging into w works fine. Trading flashes is usually good for you because of hexflash. Additionally, flash is more valuable on adc than support

-Trading flashes and health like this is a great way to secure a later kill with the help of your jungler, or make the 3v3 with both junglers winning in your favor, leading to a jg/bot/sup advantage

Weakside - Your Jungler is Pathing Top

- Figure out where their jungler started to know if the enemy jungler is going to path towards you or not. This helps you determine whether fights in lane will be 2v2 or 2v3
- Avoid trading to conserve health and mana so that if the enemy jungler ganks, you are able to handle it. Avoiding death when the enemy jungler ganks is a win for your team if your jungler is able to do something productive on the other side of the map
- Look to fling enemies into your tower if they are being too disrespectful and you won't lose much health for it
- Use W to prevent the enemy from engaging if you see an engage angle from them. Nautilus can't Q, Leona can't E, Rakan can't W or E, Rell can't W.
- If the enemy engages on you, use your kit to disengage by W'ing the adc so they can't follow up and then E'ing the support away
- If you are getting dove, use W on whoever tanks the tower and do your best to fling enemies away from your adc or back into tower if it will kill them. If you are 6, having ult makes it extremely hard for the enemy to dive you
- Find places that you can safely ward that can spot out the enemy support if they decide to roam mid or into the jungle, since it will be harder to roam first as weakside
Making Roam Timers and How to Use Them
If you are winning lane, use the advantage and pressure you built to create slow pushes.
- By only last hitting minions, the wave pushes slowly and you can stack multiple waves before crashing. This creates a level lead on your opponent, as they must kill the wave you are building up in order to have equal exp. Threatening an engage while building a slow push zones the enemy adc from csing, which builds a small advantage for your lane. If they choose to fight in a stacked wave, you should have the advantage because they are fighting in your minions

Once you crash the slow pushed wave into their tower, then you are left with free time (roam timer)
- This is because the enemies are forced to hit minions under their tower while you have free time, so your roam timer doesn't get punished by missing minions/your adc getting zoned from minions while you are gone

What to do on a roam timer:

Get vision in river or enemy jg
- This helps you spot mid roams or the jungler's location
- Spotting mid keeps you safe from a potential gank. If the enemy mid laner commits to going bot, then your mid laner can push mid while you play safe, resulting in a small win for mid lane.
- Spotting the jungler allows everyone on your team to play the game accordingly. Your jungler can countergank, look to invade, or gank a different lane safely. Mid lane can hover the opposite side of the enemy jungler's location to reduce the risk of a gank. If the jungler is spotted bot side, then bot lane can avoid the gank and play safe, while top lane will be allowed to play more aggresively

Gank mid
- Good if adc needs to reset or if your jungler is about to gank mid
- Ganking mid with your jungler makes it easier to secure a kill and can also win the 2v2 if the other jungler shows up. The enemy support could theoretically match your roam, but they would lose out on exp if they abandom the wave you crashed to do so

Hit tower
- Only good if you have vision
- If you already have vision and mid doesn't need to be ganked, use W on the enemies under their tower so that your adc can poke them for free with abilities or auto attacks

- If you need to base, it is also very good to reset after a crash, since the wave will slowy push back to your side for your adc to collect safely. If the enemy supp/adc can't dive your adc, then you can roam and give your adc solo exp under tower. This gives you time to impact mid lane by warding for them in the river or by ganking them. Hexflash into W is great for catching the enemy off guard and usually results in summs burned or a kill. It is important not to stay mid too long, as you need to help your adc once the wave starts pushing back to the enemy.
- Path mid on reset if you see a good gank opportunity or to get wards for them. You can always walk back to bot if ganking mid no longer looks good by the time you get there. Helping mid win their lane will make it easier to win bot, as it prevents the enemy mid laner from roaming as much and can even allow your mid laner to roam bot later

Fake Reset
- If the bushes in lane aren't warded, you can look to cheese a kill with hexflash if the enemy thinks you based and just starts casually walking up to the wave

If you are consistent about using your roam timers to push your advantage effectively, you will find it easier for your team to get objectives and the win.
How to Play Teamfights & Skirmishes
Singed's goal in teamfights and skirmishes is to identify the win condition of both teams, and use your kit to disrupt the enemy win con and help out your win con. His abilities excel at this over other melee champions like Leona or Nautilus, who focus more on engage and lockdown. In extended fights, Singed typically wins out against these supports.

If your win condition is stronger than theirs:
- Focus on protecting your win condition first
- Save W to stop highly mobile threats from accessing your carry
- Save E to fling enemies away from your carry
- Use Q to punish enemies for walking towards your team. This is more effective with Rylai's/Mandate build

If their win condition is stronger than yours:
- Focus on disrupting their win condition first
- Find a flank to access their win con
- Use W on them to allow your team to access them easier
- If its a squishy carry, fling them into your teammates with high damage
- If its a bruiser, fling them away from your team while they are fighting other opponents and do your best to stop their win con from joining the fight
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