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Singed Build Guide by SadgeBoyK

Middle (GM) Deag7's Season 13 Singed Guide

Middle (GM) Deag7's Season 13 Singed Guide

Updated on December 17, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SadgeBoyK Build Guide By SadgeBoyK 78 5 212,732 Views 6 Comments
78 5 212,732 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SadgeBoyK Singed Build Guide By SadgeBoyK Updated on December 17, 2022
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Runes: Roaming

1 2 3 4
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3 4
Strong Team Fighting
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

(GM) Deag7's Season 13 Singed Guide

By SadgeBoyK
Hello, I am Deag, NA Master+ tier player. I main Singed in Mid, Support, and Top, but I believe he is strongest in the mid lane. In my most recent run to masters I kept a 67% winrate and hit it in about 150 games of playing mostly singed mid. I am a believer in High Tempo gameplay, meaning i don't aim for high CS/min, but I try to always be on the map looking for plays. Today I will reveal the secrets to my strategy in my Season 13 In-Depth Singed guide. Be sure to like it if it helped you, Likes help to spread this guide to other players!

Most Recent Account:
sadge boy
piss dude

Coaching & Content:
Ideal Rune Page:

Primary Runes:

Predator is the best keystone in the game right now for Singed. Essentially the Keystone Predator is an upgrade to your boots, when you use it, it gives you a ramping up Movement Speed boost, and extra Damage with your first ability that hits after using. It helps with his main issue of getting Kited and it gives a very distint playstyle and goal to Singed; being, Pop your Pred and run them down.

Primary Slot 1:
Taste of Blood:
Taste of Blood is great on Singed, it gives him that extra bit of sustain in Lane and in Fights. Also, Taste of Blood is the only rune that actually works with Singed from Slot 1, for now. Cheap Shot (extra true damage when enemy is movement impaired) can work, but you need Rylai's to justify it over Taste of Blood. Until Rylai's is buffed and worth Purchasing I just can't recommend Cheapshot.

Primary Slot 2:
Eyeball Collection:
Eyeball Collection is very good with this new Singed Playstyle of constant Roaming and Fighting. Eyeball Collection gives you 1 stack for every Takedown you get (max 10), each stack is 2 AP. With this Playstyle and Rune you will be gaining all of the Stacks very quickly and making good use of the AP you will be gaining from the rune to Snowball games with your insane early game power

Primary Slot 3:
Ultimate Hunter:
Ultimate Hunter is very strong for Singed, with this Rune you can get your Ultimate to less than a 70 Sec CD. If you are going the new Heavy AP Build, which I recommend, your Ultimate is your main source of Tankiness, making Ultimate Hunter very valuable for Singed. Singed's Ultimate gives him Thousands of gold worth of stats (via AP, MS, Tankiness, and Mana and Health Regen), so its just basic Logic to try and shorten its Cooldown as much as you can without weakening your build.

Secondary Runes:

Secondary Slot 1:
Celerity is definitely the weakest Rune in this build, but it is still very helpful with this Singed Playstyle. It basically, just boost all of your extra ways of gaining Movement Speed (Boots, Passive, Pred, Ult, and Waterwalking), allowing them to give a little bit more. This can come in very handy when Roaming/Ganking or when trying to Engage on the Enemy Team.

Secondary Slot 2:
Waterwalking is a fantastic Rune for Singed; especially, in Mid and JG, but it can also be very useful Top. Essentially, Waterwalking just gives you extra Movement Speed and Damage while you are in the Rivers. This is very useful for Roaming to a different Lane to gank them, or even for fighting for Objectives in the River.

Alternate Secondary Runes:

If you don't feel comfortable being so squishy, are new to Singed, or would like some Scaling Tanks Stats in your Rune Page these alternate secondaries are just for you.

Alt Secondary Slot 1:
Conditioning is great if you would like some Scaling Armour and Magic Resist. At 12 minutes the rune gives you 9 of each and boost your total by 5%. This rune is definitely better if you are going the tank build with Turbo Chemtank.

Alt Secondary Slot 2:

Overgrowth or Unflinching:
Both of these Runes are very good. I would recommend Overgrowth as the first option, but if you feel like you need some Slow Resistance, and aren't planning on building any tenacity I would recommend Unflinching. Overgrowth is great, because it can end up giving you more than 600 gold worth of Health.

Adaptive Runes:

For your little Adaptive Runes, I always recommend going AP and AP, then depending on the game you could take Health, Armour, or Magic Resist. In Mid Lane, I would always recommend taking the corresponding Tank Stat that counters your lane Opponent, via Armour for Zed or Magic Resist for Vex. This will just help you survive a bit more in lane, and will lead you to be higher HP for roams, and could net you a few more CS. In Top and JG it is def more of a feel thing. If you think you are able to sacrifice the Armour or MR for the Health then take it. Health is by far the best in terms of Gold Effiency, but that does not mean it is always the best, since it causes your early levels to be slightly weaker.

-If you have any questions or need clarifications for certain Runes, plz comment or DM, I will try my best to help!
High Tempo AP Items
Example Full Build:

Starting Items:

For Lane I always recommend starting Boots and Refil, this is too make use of you Predator early. It's ok to keep the spare 50 gold in your pocket, this will allow for an early Dark Seal and Completed Boots. If you don't feel Comfortable with this setup, Dark Seal or Corrupting Potion are other choices. If your playing JG Singed I recommend Hailblade, Chilling Smite is very good for Singed!
Core Build:
These Core Items are perfect for the High Tempo constant Skirmishing Type Play-Style. Demonic Embrace is the First Main Item you will build, but before that you should be looking to get Swifties on you first or second back. Protobelt is always the Second Item you will build right after Demonic. (Note: if you are in Predator and you use Protobelt Active it will waste your Predator Charge and you will lose the Movespeed!) I recommend using Protobelt as a final resort when trying to reach somebody, or as an execute tool.

Situational Items (after Core Items)


Mejais is great if you are getting stacks on your Dark Seal early. The Movement Speed that Mejais gives is very useful on Singed for Roaming and Skirmishing, and the AP that it gives can help to Snowball games. You gotta know your limits though, to maximize this Item!
Shadowflame is great if you are playing against squishies who build little to no Magic Resist. Once you have Demonic, Proto, and Shadowflame you can just run at someone with Predator, Fling them and they will die to your poison! It's a very addicting Item, which may explain why I build it everygame xD

Zhonyas is great if you are playing against multiple AD Assassins with the capabilities of One-Shotting you. However, I recommend only buying this item if it is Absolutely necessary. The Active is great for countering burst, but when you use Stasis in a Teamfight you are absolutely useless for 2.5 seconds not able to peel or apply your poison.

Rylais is Sadly only a Shadow of its former self. I would only recommend buying Rylais if both Shadowflame and Zhonyas are not useful, meaning there are multiple melee Bruisers that Rylai's Slow would be quite useful against.

Honorable Mentions:

These items are all Conditional and will finish your build as your 4th and/or 5th Items. If you feel like you need some Armour then go Frozen Heart its a very strong item that builds out of Warden's Mail, imo the strongest armour item for its cost. If you need some Magic Resist, go Abysal Mask, it works very well with Singed's Playstyle. Void Staff and Rabadons are definitely more for fun, but they can prove to be very useful if you try them out, you can quite literally Burn through the enemies HP Bars.

-This is it for the High Tempo AP Build I can clarify in comments or DM's if you have questions about anything, or how to maximize your playstyle with these items.
Tank/Bruiser Items
Example Full Build:

Starting Items:

For Lane I always recommend starting Boots and Refil, this is too make use of you Predator early. It's ok to keep the spare 50 gold in your pocket, this will allow for an early Dark Seal and Completed Boots. If you don't feel Comfortable with this setup, Dark Seal or Corrupting Potion are other choices. If your playing JG Singed I recommend Hailblade, Chilling Smite is very good for Singed!

Core Build:
These Core Items are great for Scaling Singed, They allow you to be very impactful early with Damage and Tankiness, and they also scale into lane allowing you to be an AP Bruiser. First Item is always Demonic Embrace for the Health and AP. Second is Turbo Chemtank for the Tankiness and Movement Speed. You can finish your boots anytime between those two items, going either Steel Caps or Merc Treads.

Situational Items (after Core Items)


Abyssal is great if you are playing into a team comp with AP damage, It synergizes very well with Singed. Essentially, Abyssal Mask Curses enemies who you are near you, and since you are a Melee Champion you are always near multiple enemies in a team fight. These Curses shread their Magic Resist allowing you and your team to do more Damage, and it also gives you bonus Magic Resist making this one of Singed's Strongest Items!

Frozen Heart is great if you are playing into a team comp with multiple sources of AD. It's even better if the enemys are dependent on Attack Speed, because this item will slow them down reducing their Damage to your entire Team! Also the Rock Solid Passive is one of the strongest Passives in the game, you will be surprised at how much Flat Damage it blocks. (note this passive is also available in the Item Component Warden's Mail making it very valueable to pick up early)

Randuins is very similar to Frozen Heart. The main Difference is that Randuins gives Health instead of Mana, and it has an Active that Slows and Reduces Crit Damage! The main Downside to this Item compared to Frozen Heart is that it costs 200 more gold and doesnt reduce Attack Speed. Therefore, I would always recommend Frozen Heart as the go to choice for Armour, but that doesn't mean some games Randuins isn't Better. (for example: a game where I would take Randuins is when they have 2 or more crit users)

Force of Nature is a very rare Purchase, although there are some games where it is highly needed over its Counterpart Abyssal Mask. Basically, Force of Nature is only good into champs like Cassiopeia and Ryze who are AP champs that just spam spells. This is because of the Item's Passive; Basically, you gain Magic Resist everytime you get hit by a Spell, so you are able to get the Max MR very quickly against these types of champs! Also, when at max stacks you gain Movement Speed, so you are better able to catch them and fling them into your team.

Honorable Mentions:

These Items are all very Conditional and will be your 4th and/or 5th Items. Fist of all, Thornmail, it has lost a lot of its lust since the changes to Singed's Passive, giving him Grievous Wounds. This makes it very Unefficient Gold Wise, since you are basically paying 2700 Gold for 20% Grievous Wounds and Basic Armour and Health Stats. I would only recommend if you already bought Frozen Heart and Randuins, but you still need some more Armour. Next is Dead Man's Plate, very similar to Thornmail, it is just not very Gold Efficient. Only buy it if you already have the 2 Main Armour items, and you need a 3rd Armour Item. Spirit Visage is similar to the Last 2 Armour Items I just Mentioned, it is just not as Gold Efficient or Valuable as Abyssal or Force of Nature. I would only recommend buying this if you already have Abyssal and need more MR, and you think you can justify it over Force of Nature, because you have Shielding/Healing Supports. The Last 2 items I recommend are Rylai's and Zhonyas. If you already have some tank items, and you would like some more AP in your build I recommend one of these.

-This is it for the Scaling Bruiser/Tank Build, I can clarify some item notes in DM's or comments if you are confused or you think I missed something.
Summoner Spells and Ability Order
Best Summoner Spells:

Flash + Ignite:
When Laning with Singed, I have found this combo to be the most successful. I believe it is because these Agressive Spells are able to match his no chill playstyle, allowing his early fighting to be much stronger. Especially after the upcoming nerfs to Teleport, I think Ignite will just always be the way to go. I prefer Flash over Ghost, because Singed already has so many ways of gaining Movement Speed these days with Predator and Other Items. Also, Flash can be very useful for dives, and accessing the enemy team backline to cause some real Damage, while Ghost would struggle with these.

Chilling Smite + Ghost:
When Jungling with Singed, I have found the most success with this combo. I take Ghost so I always have a ganking tool available. With Ghost, Ult, and Pred you always have a way to gank a lane at Mach 12. I prefer Chilling Smite over Red Smite for the same reason. Chilling Smite allows you to Slow the enemy and Steal their Movement Speed for a brief second, giving even more ganking power.

(note: this is just my preference, ghost and tp are still very strong with singed)

Ability Order:

This is the Typical Order to Level up your Abilities as Singed, but this doesnt mean it always has to be done this way. There are only 2 situations where I would recommend doing anything else; these being, Level 1 Invades or to Shove a Wave in order to base faster.

E Start:

E Start
Sometimes it is good to start with your E, Fling, for an invade. I would say that I start this way in about 1/3 of my games, because Singed's level 1 invades are very strong with Predator. (Note, I would recommend only doing this on Blue Side if you are playing JG, cause you need Q for your Solo Raptors Start on Red Side)

Level 3 Q

Level 3 Q
Also, Sometimes it is good to put another point in Q, Poison Trail, at Level 3 rather than your W, Goo. This is very Situational however, I would only recommend this if you are trying to shove your wave very fast so you can back. This would typically happen after you kill your opponent in Lane.

-If you have any other questions plz DM or comment I would love to clarify or give more details!
Playstyle and Laning
Season 12 Singed Playstyle

With recent changes to Conqueror and the Meta being where it is, it has effectively made the Rune Predator the embodiment of Singed's Season 12 Playstyle. Basically, Singed is not a champion unless you have Predator and your Ultimate available to use. However, when he does have both of them up and Demonic Embrace is his inventory, he is Stronger than he has ever been!

Some might see this as a bad thing, but I see it as an opportunity to change the way that people percieve Singed and possibly inspire some new players to pick up Singed. Singed is no longer the Confusing, Constant Proxying, Probably in Your Base, Rule #1 of League Guy, now Singed is the Omega Speedy, Early Game Demon, Constantly Roaming, Rarely Farming, Rule #1 of League Guy! However Singed still can be that old version if you so desire, but it just not as strong as it once was.

The Basics:

Now for my Explanation on how play to this new version of Singed, brace yourself it might get a bit Techinical. I will split it up into Jungling and Both Lanes.

Mid Lane:

Ok, Starting with the basics of playing Singed Mid; which, in my opinion, is his Strongest & and Easiest Lane (with some practice), this is because you have access the entire map, and you don't get Punished too hard for roaming. I recommend only aiming for 6-8 cs/min, getting anything higher than this means you are probably farming too much, and not fighting enough. The key to this pick is to Snowball and End games before you get outscaled.

-First I will cover Mage/Poke Matchups! Don't get discouraged when playing against Poke Heavy Mage/Range Matchups, it is natural to be down quite a bit of CS/min. I only manage to get about 5 CS/Min in most of these matchups for the first 5-8 Mins, but I find my way into the game by Setting up Ganks for my JG with my Goo and Pred and by Roaming Constantly! These Mages may have the upperhand in Laning and CS'ing, but they can't keep up with our Roams, especially with the new TP Nerfs incoming. Also, don't be looking for a Solokill in every game, some times they just aren't possible. (instead look for good roams) Now for CS'sing against these Pokers. Try to Look for free CS when your wave is pushing towards you, or after the Enemy uses a spell you have a small amount of time to get some CS without getting punished too hard. Try to look at it as Trading Health for CS, and finding ways to Min/Max the Profits.

-Now for Melee Assassins, these kind of matchups are very similar to the Basic Top Lane matchups, except for the fact you can actually win these quite hard. Play these the same way you would play a normal Top Bruiser Matchup, try to keep Wave Advantage by having a bigger wave and not letting them near it, and then trade with them after they Waste an Ability. You can find Solo Kills in most of these lanes, if you use your Goo and Fling Properly.(lock them in your wave and then block their escape)

-For Bans in this Lane I would recommend either Yone, Akshan, or Vladmir. Yone and Akshan are just a insanely OP at the moment, so this is why these are good bans. However, for Vladmir, he is a very strong counter to Singed. He will outlane you no matter what, cause he outranges you, is unaffected by your W, Goo, (he can pool while grounded making it impossible to gank him), and he outscales you.

Jungle Singed is my favorite way to play Singed and ,in my opinion, His 2nd Best Role, although I would say it is probably the hardest along with Top Lane. I only say it's the Hardest because his clear can take some getting used too, and I don't expect Singed Mains to be Junglers. If you are already a Jungler and are looking for a cool Off Meta but still very good Pick, I highly recommend Singed. He is very easy to Pickup and Master.

-Ok so for the basics, I would classify Singed as a very Gank Heavy Jungler, this is because his ganks are so easy and quite frankly Kinda OP. With Predator, Ghost, Ult, and his W, he Always has a tool available for ganking a lane. However, you can Maximize the efficiency here by only using one of these tools at a time. For example, there is no reason to ghost, if you have Pred or Ult Available, start with Predatoring in, if you feel like you need to Ult then just pop it. There is no way they are gonna escape you. If you do this , you will still have your Ghost available, allowing you the Option of Ganking another Lane right after.

-Now for his clear, I am only going to explain how to effienctly Kite your camps here, I will talk about the Clear Order in the next chapter. The first step for his clear is applying your Poison, while they are burning make sure to tie in Auto Attacks and Fling on Cooldown. You can use your Goo to kite your camps harder if necessary (I do this to kill gromp, red, or blue when I am low HP with no smite). When clearing your Raptors and Wolves there is no reason to Smite the big one (cause the little ones will still be there saving you no time). Just use your Poison, Fling and Autos on the big one, while the smaller ones die naturally to your Poison. Advanced tip, you can double clear your Gromp and Blue and your Raptors and Red, if you have the HP and you know where enemy JG is.

-When I play JG Singed I would recommend Banning Shaco. Some other good bans are Talon, Lee Sin, Kindred and Viego, because they always seem to get fed and can all Steamroll you if fed enough.

Top Lane:

Now for Top Lane, the playstyle is a bit different from in the past (meaning less proxying and more roaming). This is due to the META and Singed's new Runes. Since we can't use Conqueror anymore + the META being where it is, it makes it very difficult for Singed to lane early. He gets punished for Existing near these META AD Bruisers.

-For Laning, the only tips I could give is play to their Cooldowns, meaning do not try Trading with them unless they just used a Significant Cooldown and you have a Bigger Wave. Without both of these advantages, you will Surely be outraded unless you are an expert of the Matchup. Also try to use your Fling and Goo in Creative ways to counter the Specific Enemy Champ. You can punish bad players by Goo Flinging them under your turret if they step up too far. Try to focus on CS'ing one minion at a time without Shoving your lane Mindlessly and giving them a free Freeze. If you haven't experienced being Froze on you are lucky. A single Freeze while your JG is on the opposite side of the map can you cause you to lose your entire lane. However, If you do find yourself in this Situation my only tip to you are these 3 things: ask for JG assistance (spam the **** out of him), look for a Roam and say **** your lane, or just Coin Flip it and go Proxy (xD). If you are new and unaware what proxying is, it is when you go behind the enemy turret and kill their wave before it gets to your lane. Singed is very good at this since he can use his Poison to kill it without taking much Damage to his HP Bar, also if the Top Laner tries to stop you it will probably cause his Lane to Unfreeze (worth the death).

-Roaming is a vital part of the New Singed Playstyle, even in Top Lane. When you have Down Time in Lane or you are waiting for you Wave to push back into you, look for a roam, this can be to Mid, Enemy or Ally JG to help get some kills and make use of your Predator Boots. Another useful Idea that most players won't expect is Roaming right to their Lane from Base. This means after you Back and spend your gold. Check for Opportunities to Roam straight from Spawn.

-In Top Lane, some good Bans are Fiora, GangPlank, and Darius.

*note* if you are interested in tips for specific matchups just leave a comment or DM me I will be sure to help! (if i get enough request I will make entire Chapter for matchups!)
JG Clear
Ideal JG Clear:

Singed JG Pathing:
A common Misconception about Singed JG is that his Clear is bad, in reality, it is not bad at all. I would go
as far as to say it is a Medium Difficulty Jg Clear.

-Ok now for the Secret Recipe, this being his First Clear. I have found the most Success with Solo Starting Raptors with Q. You do this by applying your Poison to all the of the Raptors, let the Small Ones die slowly to your Poison, while you Auto Attack the Momma Raptor to death, if done correctly they should all die at the same time. Next is Red Buff, apply your Poison and then Auto then Fling him away to cancel AA Animation. Then lead him to your krugs while you Punch and Poison him to Death. Next is Krugs, Similarly to Raptors, you just have to focus the Big One while the Smaller Krugs die to Poison. Smite the Large Krug execute and it gain back some HP, then just kill the rest with Poison and AA's. After this you can look for a gank either Either bot or Top, depending on which side of the map you are on, Red or Blue. Don't force it though, because you need to reset for boots, then look to your Blue Buff side. I prefer to Run to river and kill Scuttle before starting Blue Side Clear, also you can look for a Gank. Next, when you are done messing around in River and Perhaps Ganking it's time for your Blue Side. I will start Blue Buff and kill it the same way you killed Red, but just kite it to Gromp instead. Gromp is next, simple camp, you get the jist by now. Your final camp is Wolves, use the same Technique as on Raptors to kill this camp (focus the big one let small ones die to poison). After this it is Smooth Sailing with your clear.

Random Singed JG Tips
Yes, I know that you have done a lot of reading throughout this Guide, but I have more for you, regarding his clear. There are still more random JG tips I can give you! The first one I will give is, it is possible to Double Clear his Gromp and Blue and his Red and Raptors. If you are knew to JG and don't know what Double Clearing is, it is when you clear two camps at once for Ultimate Efficiency. However this can be very dangerous, so make sure you have enough Health and Mana and know where the Enemy Jungler is first. My next tip, is to always prioritize Ganking and Fighting over your camps. By this I mean you should quite literally Stop Killing and Abandon your JG Camp if there is a gank or fight going on near you and you can get there fast enough to have an influence on. This can save your Teammates from Losing Lane and Tilting. This isn't even just for Singed JG this is very a important concept on most JG's. Also, it is Very Important to save your Potions for as long into your clear as possible. This will make your clear's Healthier, meaning, you will have more HP after your clear making Ganks and Fighting a lot easier.

-If I missed anything or you have questions Plz Let me know through DM's or Comments I would love to help!

Note: if you really enjoy Jungling and have a desire for some Professional Coaching I can help you with that, I will link my Discord down below, SadgeBoy Services! I hope you give me a Chance, I would love to help, and I have very Flexible Pricing, Because I enjoy Doing it!

I hope you Enjoyed and Learned from my Season 12 Singed Guide I will be updating it regularly when I see that something has changed. I put a lot of effort into making it, so I hope it shows. Singed is my Favorite champ in the Game and he is my OTP that I have spent thousands of hours on. I would love to share with the community the Craziness and Uniqueness of this champion in hopes that it brings some light to his Super Fun and Unique playstyle. I have a discord that you could join if you want some more information, coaching, or just a place to chill and type, I will link it down below. Also if you want to support me or learn from me, I stream on Twitch, Create Youtube Content, and Have a twitter, all their @'s are @SadgeBoyK. Thanks for reading, I hope it helps you hit your climbing goals for Season 12!! Be sure to like it if it helped you, Likes help to spread this guide to other new players!
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