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Rengar Build Guide by LeyzeHP

Top Rengar guide TOP/JNG 14.2B

Top Rengar guide TOP/JNG 14.2B

Updated on January 30, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeyzeHP Build Guide By LeyzeHP 32 7 83,342 Views 3 Comments
32 7 83,342 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LeyzeHP Rengar Build Guide By LeyzeHP Updated on January 30, 2024
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  • LoL Champion: Rengar
  • LoL Champion: Rengar

Runes: Fleet

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ingenious Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Rengar guide TOP/JNG 14.2B

By LeyzeHP
About me...
Hi, I'm an EUW Rengar OTP, I can play many other champions both toplane and jungle, but I'm a jungle main. I peaked emerald 1 46 lp last season while getting +18 -29. Then I got mental boom and didn't reach diamond in time, but was there on a 60%wr.
In this guide i'll report items and runes based on my personal knowledge and also what I feel like, sometimes it's important too since everyone has a different playstile for same champions. I lost frequency in updates since one year ago and I won creator contest as well. My biggest flex is getting over 500 best Rengars EUW (1250 world wide). S14 I feel like Rengar is going to have troubles with current items, but things will be frenetic and I'll try to be faster in updating and sharing builds.
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Most meta runes for jng 13.13
FS is almost always good.

Fleet into some matchups, especially against all in based champions.

Conqueror for max damage

Elettrocute to int right now

Letal tempo i think it's a never pick in jng right now, but can be good if you are facing a lot of melee champions (4+)
Runes (JNG)
is the most safe pick in the jng(failed ganks still provides somthing with FS), gives you gold making and good damage(especially later in the game).

gives you early potential and sorcery page makes you really strong later, in higher elo you always need ispiration secondary instead of sorcery.

is good because when it's full stacked you have more range for leaps and early spike.

is really good for an early-late (early strenght is higher than with FS, but similiar to Elettrocute) spike and gives extra ad stacks for oneshotting, really good with hybrid builds or eclipse assassin.

Pick HP in mixed comps, since you are jng and you will face every enemy you don't need just one type of defense, and also you will regen more after levelling up for bonus Hp incomes. Armor and Magic Resist are situational, you usually pick them in comps where 4+ has one type of damage. A cons of HP is giving you less damage from lord dominik, but have a good sinergy with your W (which is an health regen, not an heal, so it scale with the damage you get: more HP=more missing health=more value from W).
Runes (TOP)
is good aganist matchups where you have killing potential in all the stages of the game, i don't pick it really often. You need alacrity in order to stack it up faster and heal.

is good for an early spike and lv.1 kills, good also aganist tanks but you need a lot of sustain to survive laning phase. You need bloodline, sustain is needed to survive so don't pick alacrity.

is the hardest page to run, but it's the strongest for trading because of the insane sustain it offers,probably the best one for rengar, get used to grasp rengar asap because it's really stronf. Don't pick att.speed you are not going to all in so take 2 adaptive force or 1 ability haste. Ingenious hunter is really good but you have to build divine or also eclipse, but the most effectiveness comes with divine, if you want to go tank in season 13 might also be good, you could pick inspiration since it gives you item haste, but also gives you summoner spells haste for more TP and especially when you go for tanky build it's good to have TP.

is a really good rune, a lot safer than others, gives movement speed to dodge skillshots, healing and overall could be the best rune for rengar. Cons? when you are playing aganist tryndamere or others which you can't trade and get away on your own legs, it's not a really good rune, it's for trading, not all ins. Alacrity gives more killing potential, pick att. speed for the same reason, but att. speed is something i like, usually it's better to pick 2 adaptive force and bloodline or tenacity depending on the matchup.
Rengar has one of the best early game in the game, in the early he's an high damage bruiser, you want to gank and get at least 4 stacks asap, but bullying on lane, especially if it's botlane is always good, it fixes Rengar's main problem: ending the game. In their spawn there is no bush, so you are weaker and need a team supporting you.

Play greedy in comps you can 1v9 in, so especially tanky comps, path 3 camps into an action, gank or invades, you might full clear as well but taking advantage earlier is better if possible and makes you less exposed to getting invaded, because Rengar is weak at defending himself since you will get cds. A good Rengar can outduel every jungler in the game early in the game so you can invade almost everyone, i'd say it's better to not invade extreamely high mobility champions, but if you know where they are walldashing you can put a ward as soon as you see them and leap on them.

Don't do double buff, don't do 4 camps, it's bad as Rengar. Do mono-section clears (3 camps from one side); 5 camps skipping krugs; full clears (if you do that take hp in runes, hp oustcales armor at lv4).

Rengar always wants to start from red buff, because he play a lot with auto attacks, even his Q differently from Kha'zix's Q counts as an auto-attack.

A good way to gank sidelanes is sitting in a bush and telling your laners to bait enemies to all in, really good to do especially against tank supports, they always look for an engage window so if your laners intentionally expose themselves you will get a free kill botlane.

To gank midlane you need a good midlaner who baits the enemy to the bushes for you or to have R. You can make your mid use a pink ward to bait as well, it works especially if your midlaner is slightly behind.

S14: just get everything topside and you are okay, 5 of those void things and lanes get won automatically.
Guide Rework
I did another rework in the date 06/07/2023. Hope it will be easier to follow the guide now.

12/01/2024: I'm updating the guide again, right now I deleted almost every build and gave new ones, checked some runes, but i'm going to remake even matchups and the rest of runes.
What kind of champion is better for Rengar? (JNG)
Talking about the toplane i think it's almost not important which champion you get, the only thing is that champions who can get early prio are usually better on Rengar since they allows you to invade, personally i like cc tanks like Ornn, who get a lot of attention during fights and make your job easier.

Talking about the midlane it's better to have an heavy ap (so the enemies can't stack up armor) champion who can get early prio, a midlaner will always try to help when he has prio. Syndra and Galio are usually the best ones, but i like a lot Vex, because of her R, when you fight in a jungle and you goes to a bush to the other doing multiple kills she can follow you really well and she has a pretty good waveclear and hard poking.

Talking about the adc the best ones are adc who can easily kill tanks, so that you don't struggle during teamfights because of their peeling, i think Varus is really good right now because he's good at shredding tanks, he also has good CC to follow ganks after 6.

Talking about the support every support is good but i think the best ones are engage supports, when you ambush in the botlane they can help securing kills more than others. I like pantheon because he can build black clever to make rammus matchup easier or champions like Maokai and Amumu, good engagers also for teamfight and with ap damage. I find Alistar, Pyke and Blitzcrank to be the best ones.
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