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Rengar Build Guide by MYCATRENGAR

Top It's Time To Hunt! Season 14.1b Top / Jg Rengar Guide

Top It's Time To Hunt! Season 14.1b Top / Jg Rengar Guide

Updated on January 23, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MYCATRENGAR Build Guide By MYCATRENGAR 3,991 Views 0 Comments
3,991 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MYCATRENGAR Rengar Build Guide By MYCATRENGAR Updated on January 23, 2024
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Runes: The Stand Out So Far *Read Notes*

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Flash + Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

It's Time To Hunt! Season 14.1b Top / Jg Rengar Guide

Who Am I?
Hi, My name is MYCATRENGAR. I've been a Rengar OTP since season 8, but I've played League daily since season 2. I started like anyone, messing around trying to find my playstyle,something that felt right to me. I tried all the lanes, played most of the champions at that point, and really sunk my teeth into the ins and outs of the game. In season 5 I started my Ranked journey, and like a lot of you, I got to Gold. Season 6 started and I wanted to promote my way to Diamond so bad. No matter how many games I spammed, I couldn't get past Plat. So there I stayed, Until. Season 8, when I saw a clip of the best Rengar in the world, Scrubnoob. I was blown away, the speed he was able to delete people sparked my brain like never before. So from that day on I set out on a journey, one that to this day I still follow. I began griding games with Rengar, by grinding, I just mean losing. For days and weeks, I got spanked, but I loveed it. I didn't reach my Diamond goal that season, but I what I did find was much more important. I found my champion, the look, the feel, the voiceline, all of it. I start to stagnate on the One Shot playstly around mid season 9 where I came just shy of reaching my Diamond goal. Until I saw the one and only Dekar173. The man who pretty much set the tone for every Top Lane Rengar Tech that's been discovered. He would build pretty much anything that fit his needs, I then began to see the how adaptable my favorite champion really was. Which led me to finding MY playstyle. I spent the bulk of season 10 trying everything and anything. I found very good results with a brusier build, and I never looked back. Top lane was the home for my Playstyle. Finally, in season 10, I did it. I hit Diamond. After this milestone, I felt it was time to take a break. Focus on myself, as pretty much all I'd done for 5 seasons was play this game. Season 10 ends and when the preseason began, I stepped away. Saying goodbye to the dopamine hit that I prefered to hopefully achive goals that League was holding me back from. Surprise, I didn't do those things. Instead, I waited for the Preseason to come to an end, and I picked up where I left off, Season 11, Diamond MMR. It's time to get myself to the High Elo Brackets, Master tier here I come. So I did everything I could, new accounts, theroy crafting builds, studying all of the greatest Rengar one tricks, all of the matchups. To my surprise, it paid off. I ended Season 11 In Masters. That's where this story peaks I'm afraid. I've been on the grind to GM ever since. I've played thousands of Rengar games. When I sit down to play this game, I don't play League. I play Rengar. He's literally all I've played. I will dodge if I don't get him, or if someone wants to troll me in champ select, I show them my secret Top Lane Yummi Tech. I've never had the urge to stream, or go public, I just wanted to play my champion. Until Season 14. When Riot released that a lot of the items that people had been used to for so long, were being removed. RIP SUNDERER. I found that a lot of people who enjoyed this champion as well, were giving up hope. They know not of a time before the mythic system. Lost Renglets looking for direction, finally I felt inclined to share what I have learned, or at least make a public guide for people to look over and critizie like we all do. I am by no means the best Rengar, I am just a dedicated One Trick, who truly enjoys the champion. Without him, I'd have give up on this game long ago I think. Here's to Season 14, and all of the One Tricks who have been there for me to watch, learn, and meme with. Scrub, Dekar, Pusipuu, WhiteSnow, BunV1, and all other the other Asian Rengar mains that I cannot pronounce. Thank you.
The Philosophy Of Rengar
I'm not going to sit and clutter the information with flairs and all that nonsense. Just read the information for what it is, and retain it.

There's not one way to play this champion, it's more of a mindset, and playing him Top Lane and Jungle constists of two different mindsets.

Top Lane - The mindset here is very simple. You must take high risk plays. In Season 14 this lane has become wildly active, with the new objective and ganking paths, everyone is eager to spend time in our little island. With that being said, Rengar by design makes it very easy to push up way to far. Keeping the wave closer to your side of the lane makes this expirence a lot less miserable. If you decide you want to stay shoved, you must be okay taking the 2v1, because it WILL come. The whole idea of Rengar Top is that he is a pressure magnet. When that pressure is drawn you have two options. Fight it, or Run. Which you can do both of very well. So you have to be resolute in what you're wanting to do based on your strength at the time, as well as the Jungle/Top lane matchup you're dealing with. Rengar is also very good at freezing and denying waves. In a lot of cases, the enemy laner will deny themselves, keeping vision control of the lane brush is vital for this to work. This is the most consistant way to play the lane, and climb. Top Lane is all about XP, you can have all the gold in the game, but if you're 3 levels down, the gold is useless. It's all about efficient trading and wave management. Which leads to a massive problem Rengar players have, ego. You have to stay calm, collected, and not forget the fundementals. Just because jumping is easy and fun and you can do it a lot, isn't a reason to do it.

Jungle - It takes a "special" person to Jungle, you decide which kind of "special" you are. Are you the Rengar player who never full clears, invades every game, takes every leap, fully commits to every fight, or always on the opposite side of the map of the current objective? How about sitting in a bush for 3 minutes, waiting for god knows what? That sure would be a "special" Jungler, but we all know if we're reading this, that can't be us. The point I'm making is that everything is a variable with Rengar. He's very good at full clearing because of the way his ferocity works, meaning it's quicker for him to chain camps, like Red, Krugs, Raptors. Then skipping around the map, or 3 camping. The goal I have each game is to set myself for a nice simple full clear, but you to be able to adapt to the game state at the time, and react to any play on the map that may lead to an early advantage. Every game isn't the same, so you can't play them out the same. Now Season 14, we're in a stage where invades and vision control is becoming the meta. As I said about Top and it being busy because of the new objectives, when Jungling, welcome to being the problem! The new objectives are really good. They offer a DoT that applies to towers when attacked, you can get up to 6 stacks between both spawns, and 6 stacks is borderline OP. You have to be sure to play around these if your laners will allow it, tell them in chat, spam pings, whatever. With that being said, DO NOT COINFLIP THEM. If you can't contest for them, then run into the enemy jungle and check for camps, pressure bot side, do not give them anything for free. The mindset here is to be consistant in your execution, meaning you don't gamble to 50/50s and you don't make any plays you aren't sure you can come out ahead. Rengar has the ability absolutely carry the game, and the 4 other droolers you have to backpack around with. He also has the ability to die once and lose the game, and that feels awful.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MYCATRENGAR
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It's Time To Hunt! Season 14.1b Top / Jg Rengar Guide

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