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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Karma Build Guide by paokgr



Updated on January 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author paokgr Build Guide By paokgr 115 11 383,769 Views 6 Comments
115 11 383,769 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author paokgr Karma Build Guide By paokgr Updated on January 5, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Karma
    ap karma support
  • LoL Champion: Karma
    karma tank top

Runes: aery -some damage-some protection-

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Font of Life

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Guide Details
x Intro
x Closing
x Changelog
x Pros / Cons
x Abilities
x Tips & Tricks
x Summoner spells
x Runes
x Synergies
x Items
x Gameplay
x Strategy

Why play Karma

First of all, she is an amazing support to play. She has much cc and damage. Her lane phase as support is easy. You must poke the adc until you force him to recall or your adc kill him. But you are not only for attacking. You can defend your teammate too, and not only one but instead the whole team. Also, if you hate dying from ganks Karma is for you. She can easily escapes from them. If you play Karma tank although it is even easier. The only thing you have to do until it's completely easy is to buy one-two items, after that you said to mr. death you don't like his journey but you like to sent your enemies with him. Her kit at both builds is amazing and tilting for your enemies because he can't really catch you, you have roots speed ups and slow no one can come near to you! At the end of the day whatever build you play something is sure, you will enjoy the play-time.

Welcome to my in-deph Karma guide. My first main-role was support with favorite champion Thresh. So, as a support main I didn't late to play Karma. I really like this champion because you can easily protect your teammates, as support you are, and also deal damage to enemies. But I like more the Karma tank because it's funny and she really can't die. She is very much tanky with self-healing and you can easily kill your enemy, even if the enemy jungler come you can kill one of them, don't say both, or you can easily escape. Supports can carry but it's not so obvious. Supports can carry with they micro plays, when to start fights, because the most supports start them with they abilities, where to start them, who focus and many others way. If you want to make a huge climp is to don't play tilted. If you feel so listen to a song during and after the game to relax, and of coarse: /muteall in chat. In low elo you don't need it, it is very toxic. Also, play one-two champions. You must play few champions to learn them and know their mechanics. What is more, play with a friend. When you play duo you have more and better communication and that helps a lot. And last but not least stop playing at lose streak. Stop playing for that "one win" it is ruin you and your games and your mentality. In addition, I have started a lol meme page on , I would be very happy to join to our company. A follow helps a lot.
My favorite skin is the Dark Star Karma I like that skin very much and thanks god I am lucky enough and I got it from chest. Then Winter Wonder Karma and my last is Conqueror Karma these are my top 3 favorite skins.


Reduces Mantra's cooldown each time Karma damages an enemy champion with one of her abilities (Half-effect for Karma's basic attacks)


Karma sends forth a ball of spirit energy that explodes and deals damage upon hitting an enemy unit. Mantra Bonus: In addition to the explosion, Mantra increases the destructive power of her Inner Flame, creating a cataclysm which deals damage after a short delay.


Karma creates a tether between herself and a targeted enemy, dealing damage and revealing them. If the tether is not broken, the enemy will be rooted and damaged again. Mantra Bonus: Karma strengthens the link, healing herself and extending the root duration.


Karma summons a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage and increases the Movement Speed of the protected ally. Mantra Bonus: Energy radiates out from her target, strengthening the initial shield and applying Inspire to nearby allied champions.


Karma empowers her next ability to do an additional effect. Mantra is available at level 1 and does not require a skill point.

Skill Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You max Q( ) first because you need the damage from it to poke and finish the enemies. The your W( ) because you need mostly the root (the higher the level the more is the duration of the root) and of coarse the damage. Lastly, your E( because you have none to protect, but it's not only for that, you shield scales with ap and when you play tank you don't have ap for an meaningful shield.
Skill Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You max your Q( ) first because you need its damage, to poke enemies, as poke support you are. Then your E( ) to protect your adc and last your W ( ) for the damage and its root.


easy escape from sticky situations
secure kills
make easy and able to steal drakes and barons
slow enemy so its easier to land skill-shots
reduce enemy's damage so you can peel for you or your teammate
make harder the enemy escape
reduce enemy's healing (grievous wounds)
deal true damage
can kill even if enemy has escaped
fast return to lane
fast and global roam ability
easy backdoor
Pros / Cons
Pros/Cons tank build


very tanky
heals her self very much( the lower she is the more health she gets)
master at 1vs1 even against champion like Nasus at late game
good at teamfights
shields herself and her teammates
make faster herself and her teammates
slow and root enemy
can escape from gank (because of her E and W)


no big damage
she needs items to be very good
needs a lot of mana
if she feeds it is hard to snowball
they can flame you because it's off meta
Pros/Cons Normal build


can shield all the team
can escape from gank (because of her E and W)
heal her self ( the lower she is the more health she gets)
slow and root enemy
can faster her self and her teammates
+AOE damage


if she stay behind she can't snowball easily
needs a lot of mana
need items
[*]EARLY At the early game Karma tank is weak. Don't force the fights just wait for them. Your job at this stage of the game is to farm and stack the Grasp of the Undying. You must freeze the lane, farm carefully it is very important to farm, thus you getting gold and experience that you need extremely much to buy items because without them you really weak. If enemy is something like Renekton namely diver and he dives you going back with your Inspire and then you press Focused Resolve to root him and then Inner Flame to damage him. IF you are low you do the Renewal very fast to heal, then Inspire and then Inner Flame. If he ends up low health you punish by killing. Because Karma early game is weak she needs some items. If you buy some then may you can force the fight (item row at the item section). Also you can roam to mid and you will probably kill the enemy since you have root, slow, shield and speed up. Also, ask for ganks. While freezing it is very easy for your jungler to come and kill the enemy. Give kills you don't really need them. Even if you haven't kills you are able to kill someone by your own.
[*]MIDGAME At midgame you have bought some items so you can 1vs1. So, if your team wins you can continue at the top destroying turrets getting cs and kills if you can kill the enemy that will come to stop you (usually the players that will come to stop at the split-push are the top-laner and the jungler) You can also trap them with a mamber of your team, while they are go after you your teammate come and kill them together. Otherwise you can help your team by roaming and help to get more lead all the members of your team. If your team loses you can do whatever you want from the previous, split pushing is a very good strategy that will put you even more ahead and make pressure. Also if enemies coming more than 1 inform your teammates. After that, they can push to take turrets or take objectives. Or you can help your teammates. You can roam many times to the mid for example if he is winning and make him an unstoppable monster. This way you help your jungler because he will not need to gank the lane and will have to gank one or he can come for a 3vs1 gank (3 because the example is for the mid) and take a sure kill. Then you can take objectives or push the lane.
[*]LATE GAME At late game the teamfights have started to happen. As a tank you go first and the range members of your team that do damage are back. Of coarse you say the assassins to focus the adc or an fed enemy that is squishy if that enemy isn't squishy or it is really hard to kill him from the sustain don't focus him. Because you are the tank all the enemies will hitting you so keep the Mantra for the last moment to heal you very very much. If you are losing just play safe and say it to your teammates the same. Wait for them to throw it. If you have the chance (your team) do drake really fast. If they are doing drake go to baron and kill as fast as possible, except if it is elder dragon. If so try to steal it or at least poke them when they are fighting the dragon. When the dragon is low then is the perfect time to engane. If you are winning the most important thing is not to throw the game. Don't underrate your enemies and always try to end, I have lost a lot of games because me and my team didn't finish when we had the chance. If you are winning you probably winning at the teamfights. If you do then kill them and then get baron if its possible. If elder is up then kill elder and then baron. By killing elder first you will be more freely to take fights and also is a guaranty baron and the baron is a guaranty push.
[*]EARLY GAME At the early game you try to poke the enemy adc with the Inner Flame. If you see that the enemy adc is doing recall try to poke him but don't go too greedy and you end up die.Always have in mind that when you try to poke the enemy the enemy minions will take agro to you and they may make you use a health poission. If the enemy support is healer like Soraka or Nami then you have to focus the support. You doing this because these types of supports (healers) are squishy so it's really easy to kill him and then kill the adc without anyone help him. If the enemy is like Pyke (squishy but not healer) focus again the adc but it's ok to deal and a little damage to the support. Of coarse you can roam mid and kill the enemy since you have slow, root,speed up and shield. If your adc is a late one then just play like him. You can also say him that you will engane when you will ping <<I am on the way>>to have easier communication. Take Control Ward and generally ward everywhere. Switch to Oracle Lens when you fulfill the support item mission.[/h3]

[*]MID GAME At the mid game your job ,as support, is to protect the teammates. You can follow the best teammate to support him and make sure that he will be super fed and can carry the game. Also, you can help the jungler with the objectives. You can also help the one who struggles to your team if he is not thaaat bad (like 0/12/3). If you want to stay with your adc is OK only when the enemy bot-lane (both support and adc) are on the lane but again it is good to help the other players at your team. BUT what you must never do is: stay to the bot-lane with your adc when nobody or only the enemy adc is on the lane and the reason for that is that you put EVERYONEat your team behind because

1: You put first of all your adc behind because you share the experience and you really don't do nothing.

2:If only the enemy adc is at the lane it means that the enemy support is helping the rest of the team, so they need you too. If the enemy support is there with the rest 3 of the team then that's means that your teammates is more likely to die and lose turrets because the are less. Or lose objectives and they also tilt.

[*]LATE GAME At the late game the teamfights have started so the most times you will need to shield the whole team for that keep the Mantra to empower the Inspire. Your position at the teamfights is back and damage the enemies. Root the enemy with Focused Resolve that is the most fed or someone that is difficult to kill because of his mobility like Yasuo or Master Yi.... If your team has enough tanks and need more damage use Mantra to empower the Inner Flame to cover that emptiness at your team and not to shield your team as I said first.As I said at the gameplay at the karma top tank is the same for the karma ap support at the team's game-plan, if you are losing just play safe and say it to your teammates the same. Wait for the enemies to throw it. If you have the chance (your team) do drake really fast. If they are doing drake go to baron and kill as fast as possible, except if it is elder dragon the one that enemy team is killing. If so try to steal it or at least poke them when they are fighting the dragon. When the dragon is low then is the perfect time to engane. If you are winning the most important thing is not to throw the game. Don't underrate your enemies and always try to end, I have lost a lot of games because me and my team didn't finish when we had the chance. If you are winning you probably winning at the teamfights also. If you do then kill them and then get baron if its possible. If elder is up then kill elder and then baron. By killing elder first you will be more freely to take fights and also is a guaranty baron and the baron is a guaranty push.


Grasp of the Undying is perfect keystone for tanks since it helps with their max health and not only that! It also help at their damage because it deals damage base their max health and with their sustain too.
Since you have a shield you can activate this rune. But you don't pick it only for that, you pick it because it is increase your defensive stats. So, you have enough defensive stats from items and you increase them even more with your runes. As you can imagine you will be unkillable.
This rune makes your defensive stats even greater and it is a nice combo with Shield Bash. If enemy can burst his damage you can take Bone Plating also.
Revitalize is a great rune for either tank top either ap support. It makes your heal and shield greater, so Revitalize+ Spirit Visage gives you back an unbelievable amount of heal from the empowered Focused Resolve.


Manaflow Band helps very much with your mana. Since,your primary play-style is based on your abilities namely mage you need mana even now, so what's better than this?
Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm helps you with your ap. When you are playing tank that doesn't mean that everything has to be for tanks. Everyone needs some damage and this helps you quite well since it gives you every 10 minutes ap. So at an average game of 30 minutes you gain 48ap + 18ap (2x 9 from adaptive force) = 66 ap for free. It is very good.

9 ap
You don't need the cdr since you take enough from the items, but what you don't get enough from items is ap. That's will help a little bit. If you are bad at farming you can take , it will help you because you hit 10% faster so easier.
9 ap
You need as much as possible ap from runes (except the primary) so that's something. You need it for good poke.
deffensive stats
From them take what is suitable. It really depends at the game but when I don't know what I have against I take that is always useful. Anyway, pick them according your enemy. These little runes have small numbers but helps a lot at early game. So, enemy is ad, take , enemy is ap, take .


With that you can poke the enemies but also you protect your adc. Of coarse the damage it deals or covers it is not as big as the other keystones that their propose it to protect or poke. I personally take it when my adc is an early one so I don't need so much damage because my adc has enough and I want to protect him also.
This is a full poke rune. Take it against enganers and poke the adc mostly. By doing this, the enemy enganer will be not able to engane because they will be half health so it is a sure failure for them.
That is for protecting your ally. I pick it when my adc is a scaling one so I can protect him during lane phase and give him more safety to scale. This way there is less possibilities to outscale.
I love to get this keystone when my adc is Ashe. You can perma-slow enemies until they quite. Also, this rune is good to land easier skill-shots. And anyway, you have cc for daysss.


Manaflow Band helps very much with your mana. Since,your primary play-style is based on your abilities namely mage you need mana even now, so what's better than this?
Transcendence it helps you to reach 40% cdr earlier than the the usual. Also, the extra cdr from items you might get will be added as ap so nothing is lost.
Scorch is a very good rune for the early poke. It will help you a lot during the early game with its damage.


With this you heal more your allies. They heal when they attack an movement-impaired enemy by you. You have enough cc for this category of cc (slow, root). So, you simple buff more your team.
This rune reduces the burst damage. So, in a 2vs2 fight the damage is burst so you take this over Second Wind. But if enemies poke and you feel that they are gonna poke little little then you can also pick it.
Of coarse you will pick the rune that increase the power of heals and shield cast and receive.


Free boots. No need to spend 300 gold for them.
With this you get earlier the items than you would. Also, because you are support your most difficult thing for you is to earn gold for items. That's helps you pretty much.
This rune helps to going after the enemies. You run faster towards enemies that are movement-impaired. You can catch enemies with Focused Resolve easier when you are quicker.


You are need ap so... you take ap, cdr you have enough and you don't need attack speed. Those two gives you 18ap by themselfes ,without items, they are very good for early poke.
Take usually because the adc, who is the main reason of damage is ad but if he is apc take . If the enemy support is something like Vel'Koz take because he will poke you all the time.


Corrupting Potion is a safe start that gives you some sustain during lane phase. It also, allows you to spent mana more freely than every other start you can do. If you know learn to play Karma tank then I sagest you to start with them
Start with Doran's Ring when you want to poke the enemy. It is a good start for every mage because it gives ap, mana and damage on hit that helps at farming with only hits
Doran's Shield is good when enemy can poke thank to its huge amount of health regent. Take it for a safe start but you will have a big problem with your mana.


Iceborn Gauntlet is core because it gives you many mana and many armor as well. Also, her abilities have small cdr so she can spam its passive. The compo between Iceborn Gauntlet and Grasp of the Undying as they both give an extra damage on your hit. Slow is very important and you can lock down enemies with its slow, the Inner Flame's slow and the FOCUSED RESOLVE' root.
Spirit Visage gives you the mr and much health. Also, gives cdr and the most important is its passive. All the heals that you get are getting stronger for 30%. This will make you unkillable.

core row

If the enemy is ap champion like Ryze then your going for Spectre's Cowl then Sheen and you finish the Spirit Visage then boots depends on the enemy team and then you finish the Iceborn Gauntlet. If enemy is ad champion like Jax you going for Iceborn Gauntlet. First take Sheen. If enemy hitting take Glacial Shroud and then take Sheen. After the Sheen or the Glacial Shroud take boots depends on the enemy team. After boots finish the Iceborn Gauntlet.

situational armor

Take Frozen Heart when you need a lot of armor since it gives you 110 armor.Also when enemy have champions that play attack speed like Master Yi since reduce the attack speed of the person who hit you.
Thornmail take it when there is an enemy that have heals like Fiora since it gives you grievous wounds, also it gives and the passive of the Frozen Heart for less time.
Randuin's Omen take it when there is 2 champions with critical chance like Ashe adc and Yasuo mid.
Knight's Vow take it when you want to protect an player from your team( the most fed so you don't want to die).

mr items

Locket of the Iron Solari take against ap team that have little ad and you need a team shield.
Abyssal Mask take it when you have ap champions on your team so its passive is very useful and it gives you heath that is good. Also, it restores some of your health when you spend mana.
Adaptive Helm take it against ap champions that have abilities that damage per second (poison) like Teemo and Cassiopeia.
Banshee's Veil take it when you need mr, damage and when they have cc, so you need a shield to dodge their abilities. This will make harder the enemy's team work because they will want to damage you with a spell and they will can't.

offensive items

Dead Man's Plate when you need speed out of fight, health and armor and of coarse its passive with the more damage at hit.
Rod of Ages take it when you need mana, ap and health and when you want health by spending mana.
Zhonya's Hourglass take when you need damage a little armor and when you want to dodge easier abilities like Infinite Duress and Absolute Zero.
Sunfire Aegis take when you need soome extra damage of its passive.
Turbo Chemtank when you need speed up to catch enemies.
Banshee's Veil take it when you need mr, damage and when they have cc.


Warmog's Armor is one of my favorite items because it gives 800 health (the most of the game by one item) and a very fast health regent. So you can go out from the fight if you are low for five with six seconds and your health it's up again!
Gargoyle Stoneplate take it when you need a very big amount of health for a short time and when you need armor and mr the same time. Also, these two items is a very good combo because Gargoyle Stoneplate double your health and Warmog's Armor gives you 800 health so... you know.


Spellthief's Edge is the best support item for champion like Karma, mages, since she scales with ap. She don't need health because she can kite so you don't need Relic Shield. Although, if enemy has too much poke and you feel that they can make you recall all the time maybe it is a good answer.


Ardent Censer this is core because makes greater your shield and its passive is very good with adcs since it gives you and your adc attack speed when you shield him.Also, it gives more damage on hit( again when you shield the adc).
Athene's Unholy Grail is core because some damage you dealt it make it health fore the adc when you shield. Also, with the mana regent make ap.

offensive items

Dark Seal take it when you are fed and when you reach 10 stacks upgrade it to Mejai's Soulstealer it gives you high amount of damage when is stacked for a little gold.
Void Staff take it when they have tanks and you need mr peration.
Spellbinder and Rabadon's Deathcap take them when you need huge amount of ap.
Liandry's Torment when enemy have tanks.
Shurelya's Battlesong take it when you want speed up and also makes you shield greater.
Morellonomicon take it when enemy have health regent like Darius.
Twin Shadows take it when you need to have vision and slow. Also, with the slow you and your teammates will be able to land skill-shots easier.

defensive items

Zhonya's Hourglass take against ad teams and when you want to dodge some abilities because of its passive.
[ROD OF AGES]] take it when you need health and a lot of mana. Also, it restores some of your health when you spend mana.
Banshee's Veil take it against ap teams and when they have a lot of cc like Leona.
Redemption this item you buy it mostly for the passive which is a team heal up and a little damage to the enemy team but it gives you and health regent, health, mana regent and stronger shields.



Dead Man's Plate is mostly for out of combat movement speed. Also, it slows one enemy by hitting them. But it gives more armor and more health. Take Dead Man's Plate instead of Turbo Chemtank when you need more the stats rather than the engane tool (usually you need the stats more when you are behind). Turbo Chemtank from the other hand is one of the best, if not the best, engane item tool. The extra movement speed that gives is just ridiculous.Also, it gives many stats that always are necessary. But the bad of this item is the high cost and the low base stats it gives. Buy it when you are not behind.


This comparison is very simple. If your team has ap champion and enemy has also ap champions that don't have damage over time. Of coarse if you need its stats you can buy it even if enemies have damage over time. Adaptive Helm simple buy it when enemies has ap champion with damage over time. Its passive is so valuable against champions with this type of damage.


Ardent Censer is very useful with attack-speed adc like Jinx. Tip: when you are alone and nobody will come in a short time with your adc and hitting the turret you can shield your adc for bonus attack-speed. Thus you and your adc will do more damage. Athene's Unholy Grail take it first when your adc doesn't need that much the attack speed like Ezreal but you find it more useful the extra health of it.
You can also buy Redemption if you don't need the attack-speed and if you can't poke without taking any damage back, you can buy Redemption for its huge amount of team healing.



ninja tabi>ARMOR
Best boots against ad champion and even better for AA champion. It blocks some damage of the incomings AA so it is a very good first item if you are laning against adc or something like Tryndamere or Jax.
Mercury's Treads > TENACITY
Mercury's Treads is a very good boot if the enemy team has a lot of cc since it gives tenacity. It is also good against mages because it gives mr too.
Boots of Swiftness > SLOW RESISTANCE
You can take them as first item when you are laning against heavy slows and if he catch you, you are dead. Boots of Swiftness is godlike against champions like Nasus during lane phase.
Sorcerer's Shoes > MAGIC PENETRATION
If you get ap then this is the best boots since it will help you with your damage. But even if you play ap you can take one of the other boots.

THORNMAIL > Grievous Wounds
The most usual reason to take this over the other two items is because this has Grievous Wounds. Take this if your team has only one item for health reduction. But of course it s useful against for all AA champion because when you get hitted by AA the person that hitted you get damage. Also, it reduce the attack-speed of those who hit you as all these three items.
This has HUGE amount of armor and cdr. when you have 20% cdr you must buy this. I also buy this when they have only one ad champion except if this one ad champion has critical chances. Also, don't forget it reduces the attack-speed of the enemies.
Buy this when they have at least one champion with critical strike. This also reduces the enemies' attack-speed. Also, it has a slow when you activate this item. With all this passives it is the best item to counter the Yasuo and Yone.

karma synergies

Ashe synergy

Draven Synergy

Ezreal Synergy

karma general synergies

Karma have good synergies with lane bullies champions. Some of these are: Caitlyn, Ezreal, Draven, Miss Fortune etc... That's due to her good poke and protect her adc too when they are go near to the enemies to trade to have a perfect one. She has also cc that all champions need that is also adc's biggest lack.
are called melee they are the tanks of the wave.
are called caster minions and they are the main damage of the wave.
]are called siege minion but everyone know them with the name "cannon" minion. They are both two types from the previus minions I said: they are tanky and have damage too. They give extra gold so use a spell to be sure that you will kill it. Also, important to know is that they spawn every third wave (the first cannon spawns at 2:05) until the 15th minute. After the 15th minute they spawn every 2 waves until the 25th minute. At the 25th minute they spawn every wave
Minions hit the first thing they see and they will continue attack the minion except you hit the enemy champion. If you do that you will take their agro and they deal much damage at you at the early stage of the game so be careful, they may make you use a health poison. But if you hit first the minion and after the enemy champion with a skill-shot that can do damage to multiple target the same moment like Steel Tempest you won't take their agro.
I start with the most easy tactic the fast push. All you have to do here is to kill the minions as fast as you can. You do that because you want to crush your minions to enemy turret. You must be careful if enemies is around come to kill you and you can defend yourself because you have not abilities and mana.
If you want to roam
If you want to recall
To pressure your enemy and you want to make harder for your opponents to farm if it is a champion that farm difficult under turret
If you want to dive with your jungler to kill enemy
To gain an level advantage to all in at level 2 or 6
To have lane priority if an object is up
To stop an enemy from recall
To stop an enemy fast-push
Break a freeze
The enemy turret is low so you want to destroy it
Freeze keeps the minion at a spot which is safe for you to farm but dangerous for your enemy too. However, if you freeze the lane your enemy has the opportunity to roam, so freeze when your enemy can't gank other lanes. If you see that enemy is going to roam, then change to fast push to counter it. Now, let's see how to make that happen? You need to let the enemy minions kill yours to come near your turret. You also need to know the numbers of enemy minions based the spot you want them.
If your minions are dead and enemy minions are not enough you can tank and drag them to the center to start a freeze. Also, if there are 4+ caster minions on the lane they can push everywhere
If you are stronger than your opponent you can make them risk for the farm
If your opponent has roam threat and you want to deny them to farm
If it is dangerous for you to farm so you need to be nearer to your turret
If your jungler come to your lane so you want to be ready for a gank
To keep a wave for an ally to kill it (the support for the adc)
If the enemy jungler is near and you don't want to get ganked
Your goal with slow pushing is to make the wave push to the enemy turret by itself but you need the gold from minions, how you can do both? You must only last-hitting the minions, BUT when they are really low. I say that because you may need to two-hit enemy minions (not with Karma) so when you hit them once you damage them their half-health (the most times), so if you last-hit the minion with 50% health you won't manage the slow push.
You will have bigger wave making difficult for your enemy to trade
By having bigger wave you can play aggressively
When you have big waves pushing to enemy turret you will gain enough time to roam or deep-ward
If you can solo kill/gank you can change to fast push and deny more minions
You won't deny as much farm as freeze so you will not have any waste
See this video if you want to hear it with more details it is an excellent video to learn how to control the minions waves.
Let's start with the types of ward league of legends has. There are 3 trinkets that you buy them for free and the Control Ward that it costs 75 gold. Now, let's see what every ward does.
When you put a Stealth Ward it is an invisible totem that reveals an area (900 rage units) and you can see it from everywhere you are and it is until it expire (it lasts for 90-120 seconds (depends the average champion level of all players). It has 240-120 cdr (depends the average champion level of all players) and you can up to two in a row. You can buy it from the start of the game.It has number limit up to 3 per player
You can place it from 4000 units away but enemy it is not invisible and it has 1 health (that's why it is mostly used by snipers). You can take it at level 9 and it replace the Stealth Ward or Oracle Lens. Its cdr is 148-99 seconds (depends the average champion level of all players) you haven't a number limit and it lasts until it get destroyed. Its rage is 500.
This reveals all the invisible stuff ( Stealth Ward), traps and more) in a 750 unit area and it is always around you until it ends, its lasts for 10 seconds and its cdr is 90-60 seconds (depends the average champion level of all players). You can take it from level 1 but I suggest you to take as first trinket Stealth Ward because it way less cdr than the Stealth Ward so it is useless and also you can't be protected by enemy ganks during lane phase. But if you are jungler you can take it at level 1. At junglers it is very useful because it helps to clear wards in the jungle and make easy ganks without none notice them. If you play jungle you can do this very famous trick and you can spot the enemy jungler and have Oracle Lens: Go at the enemy buff and put a Stealth Ward then recall buy Oracle Lens and that's all. You spot enemy jungler and you have Oracle Lens too. Regretfully I couldn't find any short video for that to show you. If you are support however, buy it when you fulfill the Spellthief's Edge's mission
This is a Stealth Ward and Oracle Lens combined. It reveals the surround area for 900 units rage and also make visible all the invisible stuff ( Stealth Ward, traps and more). It has limit 1 per player and a player can carry up to 2 Control Ward. You must always buy at the end of the day it costs only 75 gold while when I started to play league of legends I had to buy every single ward I was buying. They lasts until someone destroy them and the have can defend 4 hits. They are visible so use them in bushes, except if you want to check the dragon or baron pit.
Now I will show you how to ward with images since it is easier to be understand this way. You will see where to ward as bot-laner, top-laner, mid-laner and as jungler. They are mostly for lane-phase becuase at the late-game you should ward pretty much everywhere.
Note: I didn't find any image with the new summoner's rift with the alcoves but it's ok since they don't impact the game.


You must be protected by enemy ganks and also clearing enemy's wards with Control Ward for your jungler to gank. Also, when you push and don't know what to do go ward enemy jungle to spot the enemy jungler. This will help incredible much with junglers that are invisible like Evelynn or twich or junglers that can gank from long distance like Nocturne. By that your team can get a free dragon if enemy jungler have spotted top-side.


As, jungler you have the control of all the map. However, do not put down a ward randomly because you only have a certain amounts of ward and each ward takes 180s cool down time. So how can we ward? There are three important tips I can offer early game. First, use the timer in the up left corner. The earliest gank a jungler can make in the game is 2:50. Thus, use a ward at 2:40 marks. For low or mid elo, you can put up a ward at 3 mins mark, no problem. The second and probably the best tip for beginners is watch your own jungler. The Summoner’s Rift map is nearly symmetrical. Thus, you can gain lots of information on the location of the enemy jungler by watching your own jungler movements. If you know which jungle camp the enemy jungler start (Red or Blue) at, you can stay alert on ganks by putting down the ward on ONE possible travel route. Because you have a limit amount of wards early on, you can only cover one route, but the enemy jungler can still gank on the other route. There are two ways to solve such problem. First, ask your jungler to put down a ward on the other route or camp your land if they are nearby. Second, let your enemy knows where you put your ward. This will either prevent the enemy jungler from ganking completely or limit the option for the enemy team to gank. Thus, you can be prepared. The third tip is to put down pink wards in hidden (least used bushes) locations. If you are gutsy enough and know that the enemy has no control on their jungle, you can put a control (pink) ward at a hidden bush near their red or blue camps. This might cost you 75 gold, but it lasts almost forever if the enemy jungler is not discipline enough. Not only did you gain vision of the enemy jungle, but your team can coordinate invasions for kills and buffs. In mid game, controlling vision becomes very important, especially for team fights. Now controlling vision is different from warding. Controlling vision includes destroying wards as well (oracle lens). This item, oracle lens, will allow your teammates to destroy wards, thus reducing the enemy vision. Make use of this opportunity to put down trinkets to gain more vision of the enemy team. This will allow your teammates to make ambushes or run when danger. At the same time, it will force the enemy to group in order to explore the region. There are definitely more warding techniques out there. Without doubt, controlling vision is one of the most important skill to have in League, especially in higher elo since players become very unpredictable. It is not one brain you fighting against. See you guys next time on bullying in laning phase.


This image shows you where you should put your wards, as a mid-laner from the red side. If you are from blue just do the aggressive offensive and the reverse. As, a mid-laner you also have the control of the most map, since you are the center of the map. Like I said before warding the enemy jungle helps you and your team be safe from ganks and not only. Make sure you buy Control Ward to clear enemy vision for easy ganks or for a sneaky objective.


This shows you how to ward as a bot-laner from the blue side this time, as before if you are at the red side do the aggressive offensive and the reverse. Again, warding the enemy jungle make you and your team safer from ganks and can get easier objectives. Also, get Oracle Lens when you finish the Spellthief's Edge's mission. Also, when you are against support that have easy roam like Pyke you must be sure that you have warded the river. Buy Control Ward counter the enemy vision to set up easier ganks or do a drake without enemy notice.


With this you can ward the bushes from your turret without the risk of dying. But be careful if you don't place right like the images above you will mess it up, so try them some times at practise tool because I really hate it when I mess them up.

When you put ward in bushes, the cursor will turn green. If you miss the ward like the image the enemy jungler will be still hidden from the fog of war and he will gank you.
Wards impacts the game unbelievable much. It s not random that there are so many memes about wards that low elo players don't buy and accordingly high elo players buy a lot. This is why wards let you see some areas that normally you wouldn't see and with that you can spot enemies and play accord their location. For example, if you are playing top and you spot enemy jungler at the bot side you can play more aggressive than if the jungler where at the top side. Or if you want to bait an enemy and you are in the bushes and you don't know if he can see you in there (ward saved him) you can put the certain ward to check the bushes. Also, to see how important the wards it even if you don't buy wards at the start of the game and you leave the base riot gives you the [[ward totem) automatically, and not only that riot had an jungle item that you could put 3 wards and riot removed it for balance issues.

Skill-shots has the biggest impact on the game. With them you kill,snowball, be saved and the most important win the game. If you can land skill-shots you are consinder as a good player, also if you can't land them you areconsider as a bad player. This is like the champions, it has many skill-shots/ his main ability is hard skill-shot?- Yes,it is hard champion ( ).- No,it is easy champion ( ).
I don't say that the difficulty of a champion is based only at his skill-shots abillities, of course the are a lot of factors like if his base numbers are low or if needs many items to start actually playing and a lot of others, but they impact the difficulty of a champion. How, you can increase your skill? It is actually more easy that you think.

How to hit more skill-shots

Some times when you aiming next to the target the skill-shots isn't good, even if the arrow of the hit-box shows that the target is in the hit-box. However, other times when the arrow of the hit-box shows that is out of the range (of coarse barely out of the rage) it hits.
What is this? Why does this happen? The answere is that league of legends is actually a 2D with some 3D rendering. So, what you should do to be sure that the skill-shot will be good? Simple, you must aiming at the feet of each champion. That means that the circle of feet you should aiming depends its region. The yordles has a small circle:55, the humans has a medium circle:65 and the monsters has big circle:80 ( Cho'Gath size per stack:6/810%)
When you want to catch a skill-shot you think that the enemy has 3 derection to move to dodge your ability:left, not moving at all and right, so you have 100/3=33% of chance to hit your abillity, right? Well...yes but actually no... You can double your chances by a simple trick, you should aim at the middle of the two directions (at the middle of the lest-center or at the middle of the center-right)
By doing that your skill-shot's rage incudes both directions. Also, when enemies are next to walls is a guarantee landing of skill-shot because enemy can move only in one direction so with the trick above you aiming at the middle of his location and at the direction he can move.
One last thing you must know is that there is a ground level difference. You need to aim lower when you are in a low ground level and the ground difference can change the hit-box.


Let's talk about the seetings now. The settings at league of legends are not only for aesthetics reasons. They can hold you back but they can help you to improve instead. Settings makes critical information visible, so you can react and play accordingly.
I will say you the settings that all players should have for they improvement (once I talk for settings they won't only be for skill-shots). Note:some sttings may not help you personally or may some other setting that I don't mention helps, I suggest you to search them by yourself. Also, you can make the settings out of the game too, by clicking the “gear” in the top-right corner to access your Options within the client. You can also hit the Esc key in-game to bring up your Options menu at any time, but I suggest you to change the settings at an practice tool game to see the difference!
  • Enable Timestamps
    Timestamps can help you know if an enemy champion has his ultimate, Flash or any other summoner spell is ready! If you know what enemy hason cdr and what not you can easily calculate if you can kill him or not, or if he is an gankable champion at the moment.To enable timestamps 1.Open the Options menu.2.Go to Interface.3.Check “Show Timestamps” in the ‘Chat’ subsection.4.Hit Okay to save.
  • Enable Quick Cast (aka Smart Cast)
    One of the best setting that, to my opinion, all players should have is the quick cast. At the default settings (normal cast) you must press one more button to activate the abillity. That's makes you slow and it is easy for your enemy to escape or makes it easier for your enemy to kill you. This also, slow you down at landing skill-shots. This setting is good only to new players that they must learn how the game is played. By put the "quick cast" you instantly cast your abillities because it cuts the one more button that you need to press at the "normal cast". To Enable Quick Cast:1.Open the Options menu.2.Go to Hotkeys.3.Click “Quick Cast All.”4.Hit Okay to save.
    Although, some specific abillities are easier with "normal cast". But don't worry you can manually turn specified keys off "quick cast".Some good example of such an abillity is The Equalizer, rumplbe's ultimate due to his point-and-drag mechanic.
  • Enable Visible Mana/energy Costs
    This setting has helped me a lot, and I mean it. With this you have no longer to drag the cursor to the abillities to see how much mana cost, but instead all you have to do it to look at the top of the abillity. This helps you mostly during lane phase. Some examples are: have I enough mana to manage the combo? Or how much mana can I spend to kill the minions?
    To Enable Visible Spell Costs:1.Open the Options menu.2.In Interface, check “Show Spell Costs” in the ‘Ability and Attack Display’ subsection.3.Hit Okay to save.
  • Minimap on the Left
    This one is a personally preference. I like having the mini-map at the right, but I know many players that they like have it at the left. It's not big deal,but when you are playing you want everything to be with your way, that's this setting.To Enable Left Hand Minimap:1.Open the Options menu.2.In Interface, check “Show Minimap on left” in the ‘Minimap’ subsection3.Hit Okay to save.
As I said earlier there are a lot of settings that you don't know, sostart a practise tool and find the settings you like!
Always hook/engane the adc or a fed squishy opoment( Annie , Talon....).
Here's a tip : you go near to the enemy support and sudennly hook/engane the enemy adc none will know that so noone can predict it except you.
If you have a stun you can do at the enemy support, but doing this you and your adc will be free to focus the adc and kill it, but do it only when you can't reach the adc because the enemy support protect it very well.
If your champion except from hook have and shield/heal buy an item to do it stronger the item can be something like Redemption.
Because the most time the healers are squishy try to be behind namely don't go near to the adc or to the support to attack them because you may die. Always take items that do stronger your heal or shield like Redemption.
Because you are probably squishy you can buy one tank item to protect your adc.
Plus the most healers are poke. So you can poke the enemy, try for the adc, if you do this you can start a fight with more heal than your oppoments.
These supports have abilities that can cast from range and they reduse the opoment's health to start an fight with health unbalance. Always, poke the adc that is the main damage. Even if the enemy support is poke too keep poking the adc to make harder for him to farm. Many players asking why champions like brad, zerath and Vel'Koz are supports. They are because they can kill the adc by themselves so makes really hard the lane phase for the enemy adc. So, your adc has an advadance: easier lane phase. Of course like every support they have cons they can't protect the adc.
Now, lets see some things that you should always do when you are playing support.
  • ROAM
    When you come from [[recall] or death you need always to see what oportunities you have to roam.
    When not to roam: when your adc is pushing at the bot-lane you have to go to the bot-lane to help your adc push. Once you and your adc crush the the wave to the enemy turret, you can go ward enemy jungle and the river and roam mid if your adc is recalling and if your mid-laner is an gankable lane. If the wave still at the lane you can roam untill enemy both bot-laners aren't at the lane.
    Note: always inform your adc to back when you are leaving the lane.
    At the bot-lane there are three bushes. You must go to the bush that is the middle one and force the enemy support ward that bush. If he won't ward the bush then both bot-laners will be scared of that area and won't walk near it.
    You should know the adc's rage and their damage and know when it will be a good trade and when not. This will help you know when you should engane and when not. You will learn it as long as you are practicing.
    After the sweepers has ran out and you haven't claened everything place your first control ward to clear all the enemy vision. Then you can place your other control ward to control other area if you decide to remove the first control ward.
    Early game: His job is to control bot-lane as much as he can for the adc to have the most resources as they can.
    Mid game: Here his jobis to help establish a push and control vision at the objectives that the teams are playing for.
    At the team-fights: Your job depends at you champion type. If you are enganer( Rakan, Thresh etc...) you should enagne and if you are healer ( Soraka, Karma etc...) is too the strongest person on the team, that doesn't mean that you don't support the other members of the team when it's needed.
    You must hold the wave when the adc is far from the lane and not letting it crush to your turret and lose the gold and the exp. When you can freeze it do it. This also make the enemy bot-laners lose the wave if they don't stop you immediately.
    Many times I have died because I tried to help my teammates while know that it was impossible. When you see that you and your teammates are going to die no matter what, then you should leave because it is better to die two than three. Type at the chat "sorry I would die too" and everything is OK.
    Look to lane swap towards Mid game (between 15-30 minutes), when you get bot tower or if the enemy gets your tower. Usually, when they get yours early, swap top. Letting your bot duo go mid helps you get map priority back and makes the map more “centered” due to numbers.
    When you don't know what to do after lane-phase roam wherever you can. Never be alone because if enemy show up he will kill you.

When you start a game of league of legends you go strait to your lane. You try your best to can kill the enemy, farm as good as possible and the most important not die. That's the most important because if enemy kills you he gets stronger and the same time you get weaker. That's called "fall behind". That's can happen with vary reason. But, do you know what to do when you are behind? Well, I can help you with that. After, playing laegue og legends so many years and fall behind many times I decided to watch what pros do, take tips from pros and taking notes by myself what it is working and what doesn't. I will give you laning, jungling and mid/late game tips to how to cover the bad start.
  • Avoid the trades, since you are behind that's means that you are weaker so the trades will be bad for you. Poke when you are sure you can't be poked back.
  • Wait your jungler, say your jungler to gank and help you. Don't be cared who will get the kill but be cared that your enemy will go from lane (even if he don't die) and you can farm peacfully. Also, you must let your team carry you.Many times when I feel bad and want to cover fast I do it even worse, take your time and let your team carry.
  • Play under turret, play safe as much as possible. Make your enemy play agrresive for three reasons easy ganks, if he dive it will be a possible kill for you and it will be hard for the enemy to kill you.
  • Farm when enemy's abillities are down, if enemy hasn't abillities it will be safer for your to farm.
  • Ward, ward when you can. When you are behind enemy jungler may come to get kills too and destroy the turret faster. So wards will keep you safe from ganks.
  • Build tanky, building tanky will make harder for your oppoment to kill you. Build first the suitable boots and then the tanky item from your build.
  • Buy pots, buying pots will keep your health-bar up so you can be more time at the lane.

  • Avoid enemy jungler, avoid him because he will probably be strongger so if you meet him you will die and you will be more behind. To avoid him, avoid enemy jungler.
  • Avoid the 2v2 but prefer the 2vs1 or 3vs2, with number advantage it will be easier to kill.
  • Farm, farm untill you feel comfortable and get you power spike.
  • Gank the lanes that wins, gank them will be easier to be a succesful gank.
  • Don't try to kill early dragon, because you will be easy target.
  • Fight with number advantage, it will be easier to kill this way.
  • Wait enemy throws, some time they gonna throw it.
  • ward, as I said earlier
  • Split-push
  • Let them dragon, it's better to let the dragon rather than die and not take the dragon

League of legends is a team-game which means that sometime someone will gank, either jungler, either laner. How you can understand that someone is coming to your lane for a gank? I will give some tips that you should expect a gank.
1. When laners don't return to his lane in a normal amount of time then be careful, he is may set up a gank.
2. When your enemy change his play-style e.g. he normally play aggresively but sunndetly started to play defendsively,then expect a gank.
3. Don't always trade, when you trade all the time you will end up with low or half health-bar. That's the time that a jungler want to gank when you are not fully health for a succesful gank
4. It's similar with the previus, use Health Potion or Biscuit Delivery or Time Warp Tonic early and don't be afraid of buying Health Potion.
5. Don't over-stay, when you over-stay the most possible is to die due to lack of mana or health and lack of items.
6. Sometimes, when you are ganked you have no other choice of dying, when you are in this situession try your best to slow it, buy as much time as you can. This way you will give your teammates more time to react and maybe they will be fast enough to save you.

This is my guide for karma tank and the normal ap support build. Thank you very much for reading this and I am sorry about my spelling or grammar faults that I may did. Feel free to vote and give me your thoughts about my guide or how I can do it better and if you think that something is wrong and something else is better like the runes for instance and of course ask me your debuts! Hope I helped you!
Have a good day!
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